hows this look??


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i am going to do a cycle because i got a kickboxing match coming up and i want to cut up and look hard and have the "upper edge".This is gonna be my third cycle and it looks like this:

1-14 800mgs per week of Quest enanthate
4-14 75mgs per day perutech Winstrol (winny) tabs.

Tell me what i should change or if this looks all good for what im planning to do??
I don't know if those are wise choices bro. You could possibly hold to much water on Test and Winstrol (winny) can be hectic on your joints!
Your liver is going to hate you for running 75mg Winstrol (winny) for 10 weeks. Have you considered tren instead of Winstrol (winny)? Tren seems to have a negative effect on my aerobic performance, but if you don't have that problem, it may be a better choice. And how about some halo for the last week before the match? Running tren and halo together should give you a nice mental edge.

1-14 800mg enanthate
4-14 75mg tren ED or 150mg EOD
13-14 20-30 halo ED
if this is your 3rd cycle then you probably know what you can handle. here's my recommendation:

500/ week enanth
75/day tren
maybe some Winstrol (winny) EOD if need be.

just go with the simplest of gears if possible....
say youve ran test... go with test @500/week
say you've run tren.... go with 75/day... no more than that
and for winny..... go EOD with a dose you feel god with (meaning joints et al)
I def think that is a killer combo as far as strength, aggression, cutting up goes...
also some halo (def for aggressive)if you can get it would fare you very well, but id try it out beforehand

best of luck bro