*** If you had to do it all over again !!!

the only way 2 people can keep a secret is if one of thems dead.

LOL - very true DAWDAG! :D

Great research on the blood tests User.

This is where I need to expend my studies and
follow my results more closely.

Great thread.
I've only had one cycle but I wouldn't regret anything cause before I started I joined this site and the people and info were great. Glad I can start out on the right foot.

X2, I rsearched for a goodwhile before jumpin on glad I did.First cycle was a success and looking forward to many smart cycles ahead!
love it... so much to learn, but to recap:

- Do it smarter
- Wait till you are naturally done growing.
- Don't do a million compounds at one single cycle.
- Don't be on gear for a long time, and no over dosage.
- Get your blood work done often.
- Test is KING, it's the base of every cycles.
- Do your PCT properly.
- To hell with Orals... pinning will get you there eventually and safely.
- Ology RULES !! No place like it on the net... Trust me on that one!

minor points:
- Never kiss and tell...no one needs to know. keep it that way.
- Pay 3J for nutritional advice :startrek:
- forget investing in Microsoft.. Zynga seems more promising these days. ;)