Increasing vascularity?


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Although I am finally making some gains on my cycle I am not seeing the vascularity that I once had. My diet is great(high protein, medium fat, low carbs), bodyfat is low, doing cardio and I still am having a tough time getting those veins out. I would really appreciate some tips. I am confused by the situation because when I was training a lot less and lighter, my vascularity was far better. I'm begging for my forearm veins to stay bulged after my workouts!
I am using sustenon with the dbol. I have anti-estro on hand but I'm not retaining much water for some reason. I am keeping my sodium to a minimum and drinking water all day. Peeing all day, too.
bro, you better get some perutech winny!! that shit brought the veins out EVERYWHERE for me

I have heard that from a couple of others, too. I have to get on that quickly. Summer is coming too soon.

Also, have you had any joint pain with that winny?
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Kynoselan will bring out the veins within a hour after injecting. I am currently using Dromostan and it is bringing out the veins also.
compman said:

I have heard that from a couple of others, too. I have to get on that quickly. Summer is coming too soon.

Also, have you had any joint pain with that Winstrol (winny)?

joint pain is definitely a factor, so load up on glucosamine and chondroitin for at least a couple weeks before starting... also, if you stack with deca, you'll be fine...
and big n is definitely right on the money, diet is always the MAIN factor!
too low of a carb intake plus too low sodium intake = flat muscles.Try bumping your carbs up a bit and watch happens to your muscles and vascularity.Most guys get to carried away with the low carb thing.its okay for a time but not for weeks on end.

Thanks force,

I'm going to start that today. Also, can overtraining cause decreased vascularity? I am very guilty of that. My driven mind won't give my body a rest!
well bro it is much easier to get "overtrained" if your not eating enough food.your mind may want more but your just not giving your bod enough fuel to do the job thus you will feel tired,weak and just plain flat.Im sure you will feel and look much better once you get the diet nailed down!

Try cycling your carbs. You can stay low for a couple of days and then bump your carbs to maybe 3 grams per pound of body weight. The next day when your carbs suck that surface water in the veins should pop. Then you won't have to rely on a new drug to stay vascular.

You won't have to worry about putting on body fat if you keep your weekly carb average in check.
i agree with paulie r on this one. carb cycling does help bring out vascularity. also if you want a little trick chew up some niacin flush tabs and what that does is it vasodiliates all your vasculature and if you are lean enough you will be one veiny mofo
I read in Flex Magazine that to bring out your veins, after every set you should tense that bodypart for 5 seconds and then relax. It supposedly brings out the veins, but because all mine show anyway, I don't need to try it.
This is some good stuff, bro's! I appreciate it. Does anyone know if that Kynoselan is safe and sterile? Bigjew, i'm going to try some niacin, too.

Experiment with your dose of Niacin from low to high. I took too much on one occasion and turned from red to purple and had to do the cold shower.

Niacin flushes are only temporary but make you vascular as hell.
I would suggest the non-flush type of niacin,unless you like being red and itchy?? I have used it and it still increases your vascularity without the uncomfortable sides of regular niacin.

It will simply say on the bottle "non flush",it will not turn your skin red and you wont get that itchy burning feeling you do when you take too much of the regular niacin.