Injection Scarification


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At the doc's office today the nurse told me I better rotate injection sites as much as possible because she already has one patient who has so much scar tissues in his glutes that they're unusable for injections now.

Is scar tissue from injections that much of a problem?

Just wondering if anyone (Buffdoc? Swale?) can comment on this.
Yes, you can build up scar tissue from too frequent IM injections, this is why I'm always going on about using everything (except calves, that's just for me.
Even w/ ED injections, we have both heads of the biceps and triceps, the pects (a large area!), delts (medial, anterior and posterior heads), traps, quad, glutes,and (StoneCold will love this!) ventro-medial glutes. That's a lot of muscle to utilize. You only get comfortable with doing them by doing them!
Also, using the smallest pin that's reasonable will help, too (less trauma).
I'm 43 and have been competing for almost 20 years. My glutes are unusable as for as injections are concerned. I might be prone to scar tissue, but I only injected glutes for years. I only had 20 gauge needles available to me 10 years ago. This definately didn't help either.