ip winstrol?


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my friend says he can get ip winstrol tabs that are 50mg's has anyone ever heard of these? price sounds kinda cheap but i know he does get alot of ip stuff that is legit
IP's bottom of the barrel brother. You never know what you're going to get with IP. It's better than nothing though :D
bro, go with peru tech's winny... 25mg's so no need to split em up... great quality, im on em now, and vascular as a mofo! lovin it...
i would much rather go with a injectable Winstrol (winny) but where im from getting roids is as hard as pulling teeth so who i buy my stuff from says he can only get ip Winstrol (winny) tabs im not a big fan of ip shit or tabs but hey its better then nothing
lol i dont mind saying im from CT i dont order stuff off the net because im paranoid i have to get it from someone so that means i have to pay more and i dont get the shit i want
We've all heard of it. if your asking for an opinion, i will only say its hit or miss (at best). Considering its going into your system, I personally always feel that its better to be safe.

Good Luck
Actually, IP's Winstrol (winny) tabs are a good deal. Mg. per mg. they are a hell of a lot cheaper than any other Winstrol (winny). They generally go for under a buck each, as little as $.40 if 2000 tabs are bought at a time directly from IP.
im getting 100 of em for 150$ they are 50mg tabs and im extremely paranoid about getting ripped off or getting bad shit so i wanted to make sure they will work well thx for your help
for getting the gear inhand and upfront thats not a bad deal. from teh millions of posts on ip his Winstrol (winny) seems to be his most consistent, accurate dosed product.
The IP Winstrol (winny) tabs are the only product he offers I would touch with a ten foot poll. But I have had nothing but good experiences with them. Peace.