juicing + working out for mass + boxing = too much?


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Im on my 3rd cycle of dbol/test/fina, im also an ectomorph with a CRAZY HIGH METABOLISM, but i have a passion for sparring and hitting the bag for increased punching power(my obsession,seriously).
Would i be overtraining if i worked out one bodypart a day mon-fri in the morning before class and sparring/heavybag work in the evening on tuesday and thursday? Would i be able to reduce excess calories being burnt during my boxing sessions by downing a protein shake after my workout and another meal an hour later?
My desire for increased mass and my other desire to do aerobic activies like boxing dont seem to go hand and hand, can i get the best of both worlds? ALL opinons are welcomed, thanks fellas.
I think what you have laid out seems good. Sparring is something I like, boxing as well.... I have a protein shake after my workout and another after sparring, I like you, only do it a couple days of the week. Just remember to replace those calories you burn. Have an extra can of tuna or something.

i was increasing my wieghts (especially chest,tri's&detls) at the same time as hitting the heavy bag and i injured my left tricep for 3 months . its just now feeling better . im waiting another few weeks before hitting the bag again !
Some of the German bodybuilders got started in boxing, then fell in love more with the weights. Upping the calories is probably your main objective, as far as trying to continue gaining LBM.
try this. stand very close to the bag, with your forehead touching it. get into a horse stance ala karate. draw your fists back against your waist. with your left hand gently push the bag forward until it is at a 45 degree angle. let go and punch with your right, then left, then right....etc. stay close to the bag and preventy it from coming down with your punches. these are not fast punches, you are trying to control the bag and keep it in the air while developing some power. continue hitting it for 30 seconds, a minute or three minutes, whatever you can handle. then rest 2 minutes 1minute or 30 seconds. again whatever your level of conditioning allows. dont try to be billy badass. you will be doing intervals. start off with whatever you can handle and over time try to extend the work interval to 5 minutes and your rest intervals to 30 seconds. monitor your heart rate. this is important. what is this good for? it will develop your back and also your shoulders, and your endurance. oh and if you do it in horse stance it develops your legs so you do not get tired while doing footwork or dancing around your op. if you are already highly conditioned then you will be doing slow weighted crunches during the rest interval, if not save them for later. do this for as many intervals as you can handle preferably on a non training day. if youre doing a 5 day splity or something similar then do this on leg day. things i feel are important. correct stance and controlled hits. if the bag starts coming down and hitting you just push it into the up position with your non hitting hand and start again, or reduce your work interval. i love the way my back feels after doing this. hope this helps some.
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go to www.hypertrophy-specific.com and do a search for ab training. the thread was started by a kirman. go to a reply by edziu. there you will find the link. its acrazy abdominal training program. i have not tried it but it looks damn good. you will want to print it out. later.
oh and in search options make sure you select all forums and search from the beginning. later.
anabolicus: As an ectomorph, 2 sessions a week of moderate high intensity training should not hinder mass gains too much....Just remember to replace the carbs that you have lost during the training sessions....ectomorphic muscles tend to burn up glycogen stores more readily than other types.

But make sure you keep the intense sessions to no more than 2 per week. Ive been doind competative wrestling for 6 years and I bulk during the off season, and when im bulking .... my body simply will not allow itself to grow when I do more than 2 mat sessions a week. This is irregardless of fat and carb uptake. Simply put overtraining is very easy...and watch your body very closely....constant fatigue is the most prevelant sign of over training for an ectomorph.

Good luck bro...