Kind of a newb question regarding splitting HGH dose...


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Ok forgive my for this newb-ish question. I know it is more favorable to split hgh dosing 2-3 times throughout the day.

However, I pin my first dose of Gray Tops preWO in the am. Then I go to work and don't return home until 8pm. I would rather not pin again at 8pm because I want to take advantage of my natural GH pulse during sleep. I pin 5iu daily and until recently I've been able to split it due to a more favorable work schedule.

I know the half life is only a few hours but that doesn't mean it's completely out of your system in that time. That means it has been used up by 50% so I'd imagine the active time is much longer than that.

Has anyone noticed a difference pinning 2X a day vs all at once? Is there really any merit to this theory?
Hey we love you buddy!

I can only add my uneducated 2 cents. My theory is your body when young puts out something like 2IU, and that decreased over time. So I'm assuming there is probably a limit to how much you can handle at one time, and injecting much more than 2IU at a time you would be better off splitting doses.

I also read one article where the guy was proposing to take your night dose well ahead of bed time, based on the theory that you don't want to inhibit your natural night time pulse. I'm not sure where I stand on that one, I suspect HGH is a bit like test where if your body senses you are supraphysiological it will inhibit natural production - so this advice may be bunk.

And.... also read you don't want to consume carbs right before or a few hours after, protein and fats are ok. I think the theory there was you don't want to produce insulin that might reduce benefits you get from HGH. I don't really understand that one, there must be some interplay between the IGF boost from the HGH and competition from your natural insulin.

So long story made short, I think you should split the dose into night an hour or two before bed, and morning with time as close to 12 hours from nighttime as possible (knowing you might only be able to hit 9 or 10 hours due to when you have to leave for work). For your dose of 5IU I'd do 3 at night and 2 in the morning.
I have never noticed a difference in splitting it up. With the peptides yea because they are in and out of your system in 2 hours. With rhGH it saturates your receptors for at least 8 hours.
I have tried both ways and noticed no difference and I read around and many say the same thing. I recently changed my dose to bedtime because I was getting lethargic during the day with a morning dose....anybody notice that happen?

I like the theory mentioned above about your body being able to handle up to a certain amount of hgh at a time...that required some deep research to figure out of that's the case! Somebody start researching that! Lol.

Now getting back to that bedtime dose... us old fuckers produce such little amount naturally I almost feel it doesn't matter if you shut your own production down. I mean how much of a natty pulse can a guy over 40 produce? So when I take 3 or 4 iu at bedtime I figure it's optimal cause when we sleep is when our bodies repair and build muscle. Taking hgh pre workout doesn't seem like it's optimal to me. It won't increase strength and it won't necessaryily make more muscle because like I said already we don't make Muscle till we go beddy bye.

I am assuming all this and I can be wrong so....

Yes I always get sleepy and hungry about 8 hours later. So I moved my dosage to noonish and that works much better for me. I can't do right before bed because it keeps me up at night.

Hope this helps.

PS as for not shutting down I personally would try rhGH early in the AM and then use the peptides two hours before bed time.
Thanks a lot fellas. I know there really isn't much definitive evidence to give a conclusive answer, but to get some real life experience is what I'm after.