LFC cycle update

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Well ladies and germs, I have been on cycle for 3 weeks now.

The first week was as follows:

LFC Prop 100mg/ed
LFC Tren 75mg/eod
Zambons 50mg/ed

The past 2 weeks I have been busy so my cycle looked like:

Prop 100mg/eod
Tren 75mg/eod
Zambons 50mg/eod

I started at 205 and about 14%bf. Two nights ago I tipped the scale at 219 pounds...not only that, but my bodyfat has dropped to 12%.

As for diet, the first week of the cycle I was eating a typical bulking diet...pretty much anything that was high in protein. The past 2 weeks, however, I have cleaned up my diet dramatically, consuming nothing but roast beef sandwiches, eggs, and 1 shake per day.

I am liking the results of the cycle so much that I am going to continue with my EOD injections for another week therefor being able to extend my cycle to 9 weeks as opposed to the originally planned 6 weeks. I will keep going with this diet and see how the results turn out.

On a side note, I do not believe in cardio at all, and have not done it ONCE during the cycle.
I basically had the same cycle with LFC Tren/Prop and I decided to do EOD inj. also to extend the cycle and my gains have been great!
Those are some awesome results off those dosages at EOD shots !!

I know this older guy that really wants to try that prop/tren combo, maybe this convinced him, I mean will convince him.
I dont think there is a big difference in ED injectons over EOD. Your levels actually peak higher doing EOD injections and only fall like 14mg lower than ED injections. Its not that big of a factor. I will be doing EOD injections soon!
BiggieSwolls said:
Hows the pain factor with that LFC Prop?

The first few injections made me a little sore in the following days, but now I dont feel anything. No pain after injection, and no soreness the next day.
Awesome results, i made great size gains with the lfc suspension, but 2x daily injects sucked ass, I'm switching to the prop