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Whats the best way to order from Is it 100% safe to order from via mail? I dont want any unwanted visitors at my door with the arrival of the product if you know what I mean. I know its for research purposes only and thats what Im getting it for. Would it be safer to get a PO box and have it sent there? Any info would be appreciated. I have searched the board but I havent found the answer I was looking for. Also how many days would I expect to see the product in? Im hoping I can get a 2 day order somehow. Thanks
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They are top notch and the bro that runs it is 100% backed by me... no worries my far as how quick... you would have to work it out with him.. He usually send priorty.
So it would be safe to be delivered at your home? Thanks for the reply, good to see they are top notch.
in most cases, you recive it in 2-3 days. however, because a of a tropical storm that hit the area, Liqua-Solutions is a little backed up, everyhting should be fine by tomorrow
Good to hear the excellent news. Now all I have to do is wait it out and grab the package before the parents(who thinks im getting in weight gainer) get ahold of it. :)
Just wanted to bump for liquid solutions. I placed an order earlier today and it was sent hours after the order was actually placed. I have one more question for you all. How many of you have actually used it and had the same results as the pill form of clomid? I want to hear from those who have only used it and can tell me what they think.