liquidex...or ????


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i am going to do a 500 mg week test enanthate, and 6 week dbol cycleat 30 mg a day. now i dont want to much bloat, liquidex is really expensive from what ive seen, is there any other way to keep bloat down? how about midol for women? lol ha ha j/k .....hey actually wouldnt that work kind of...anyways i want to gain weight, but i dont want to look fat, i need a cheap substitute, any thing over the counter that would work?
Not sure if you are looking in the right places for Liqua-Dex.

You can pickup a 40 ml bottle of 1 mg/ml concentration for $75.

You would probably only need 1 mg EOD, therefore the bottle would last you 11.5 weeks, less than $1/day.......not really that expensive if you look at it that way.
That's exactly what I was thinking. Liquidex is much cheaper now and should definitely be included if you want to reduce bloat. Or if you're really concerned about the bloat then don't do dbol.
As mvmax said, if you dont want blaot, do do dbol. Dbol works well with blaot. Its effects when you take off the bloat are not great. Also, i think 1mg eod is overshooting it. How about .5 mg eod.
I agree, lowest dose possible, that also decreases your cost.
0.25mg EOD can be effective in some people under some circumstances.
ahh the hell with bloat i am only doing a 4 week of dbol, i shouldnt get to much,,,,i hope and if i do i will stop taking it, and just do the test