Long cycle problems shbg free test low sex drive hair fall off


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Hello everyone!

I’ve been on gear for about 11 months. In the last 2 months I’ve used 150mg test cyp and 250mg eq per weeks but i felt sleepy, no pumps and low sex drive. For about 3 weeks i switch to 300mg susta and 100mg tren hex EOD... but nothing good happened.. still no pumps, low libido and feel very tired. I did my blood tests (estrogen, prolactin, shbg, free test). I didn’t use arimidex or dostinex and have no esteogen or prolactin problmes (something weird because usually at that dosages my estrogen and prolactin were high).

Shbg 8.23nmol/L (14.55-94.64) ; 0.780ug/ml (1.38-8.99)

Prolactin 16.37ng/ml (3.46-19.40) ; 347.0mUI/L (73.4-411.3)

Estrogen 104pg/mL (<20-56) ; 382pmol/L (<73-206)

Free test >75pg/mL (2.15-13.69)

Also i have problems with hair, it falls off.

Gear is 100% legit, i have 3 friends who use the same brand same products.

Somone opinion?
Hair falling off is a sign of something's and symptoms/side effects of some things.

It the gear is good than diet/vitamins, hydration and other things in the blood.

sust isn't necessarily liked. "time release" is test e. Sust has the release patterns of the different esters and their % of the mix.

Isnt your estrogen double the top of the range?