Machine Use?


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How many hear use machines on a regular basis. Last night I used Hammer Strength's Incline press as part of my chest workout. My workout usually don't feel complete when i use machines, but my chest is sore today. What do you guys think.
Including machies in your workout is great. Be sure that your workouts are centered around compounds lifts, but adding machines can help a lot. Dorian was a big advocate for machines.

Also, the type of machines makea huge difference IMO. I usually don't use the machines at my gym often because I don't get a great pump from them, however I went to a different gym the other day and tried their brand-new top of the line machines - and wow! They were amazing.

Basically, including them is great, but don't make them the focus.
machines have their place in body building, but for the most pat stick with free weights for best results, imo
Don't rely on them.
They are great for warm-ups and feel-sets though, IMO.

My favorite is the hammer strength, side plate loaded , sit down, independant row machine.
machines def have their place in bbing, but by no means dont go in and do curl machine and some abs and say you are hardcore.

hammerstrength plate loaded machines are great.
bronx_brawla said:
My favorite is the hammer strength, side plate loaded , sit down, independant row machine.
That is a nice machine. Used to use it alot.

I haven't used any machines in a while.
Hammer Strength I like. A few guys swear by the cybex tricep extension machine. I never felt anything in my tri's, but thats just me.
Make the core of your workout freeweights, but machines are great, they have their place and have a level of safety that makes them great if you do not have a lifting partner.
Agreed, you can really push yourself to failure with Hammer strength machines without having to worry about killing yourself. Also since machines are guided, there is less straing on the joints imo.
absolutly nothing wrong with machines, esspeically hammers. With my training, I am switching up my routines everytime I train a muscle group. what I mean by that is...Say today is chest day, and maybe I'll hit, incline bench, flat bench dumbell presses, decline hammer and weighted dips. Well, NEXT time I train chest, Ill change that up and do maybe flat bench, incline bench, incline dumbell presses and seated flys. I use the "shock method" that arnold used and I love it. Works well for me and my body never gets used to doing the same excersises. But I do work in machines. Machines can help you isolate and target a specific muscle you are trying to train.