micronized suspensions?


Certified MD.
This is bugging me:
I know that Zambons and some UG Winstrol (winny) is micronized and slips through very small pins quite nicely.
All the test suspensions I see, however, are thick and require 22 or 23 gauge, and even then occasionally clog briefly. Why no micronized test suspension?
Micronized testosterone is available from suppliers, and the cost is the same as regular testosterone powder. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Am I missing something here?
All input appreciated, including any of you UG folks out there.
This doesn't answer the question, I've never used water based suspension.

However, why not just use test base dissolved into an oil solution. I like my brew, although I could not get base into solution at a very high level without adding more solvent than I wanted to tolerate.

I ended up settling on 50 mgs. test base combined with 50 mgs. test prop per ml. of oil. Its very user friendly.