My flexablity is crap


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My flexablity is crap

Well I know bodybuilding and flexablity don't really mix but I need to get better at my flex. IAm 17 and I can't touch my toes( shorts arms to ) and my my flex has gone to shit in my upper body. Does anyone know of any good strenches to get them back??

thanks BIGABOY
YA STRETCH. Start slow and work your way up. Do strecthes in between sets or at the end of a work out so you are nice and warm.
Do you know of any stretches?

Also hold each one for 30 seconds.
NO I don't know of any stenches for the upper body, is there a site or soemthing I can look at??
Did you know that it only takes 6 secs to stretch a muscle. You really don't need to hold a stretch for any longer than that.
I agree w/ Redman. Yoga works, and it will also kick your ass and have you whimpering like a schoolgirl (if you do it right). It's really helped me w/ flexibility, and strength, believe it or not.
i tried power yoga and have to get back to it.

it is really worth doing it.

the combination between flexibility movements and power movements is awesome with a good teacher. I've tiny muscles I weren't aware off when working major muscle groups. tighten up my whole body and got me really flexible.
Yogalates (Yoga & pilates combined) is even better! IMO, I find that it's useless to go the day after a leg workout. Tight hamstrings make it very difficult to do any poses correctly.
Thanks guys I think I will see if my mom has some yoga tapes then thanks again, it is pretty bad when your 17 and can't touch your toes or reach to far down your back my freinds some what laugh at me oo well