my next cycle


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ok bros i am going back on aweek from monday

750 mgs test enanthate 10 weeks
400 mgs EQ 10 weeks
frontloading test first week
frontloading EQ first two weeks

nolva on hand
clomid accordingly

all will change if my funds for my gh come in. then i will run cycle for 16 weeks 5 on 2 off with gh slin post workout

stats as of right now

5' 10"
282lbs [ weighed myself today]
body fat in the 16 to 18 percent range will get the nutritionist at the gym to check for me to be sure

so what does everyone think.
thats about the same cycle i'm starting, except 600mg of test-prop.....

i've heard its a pretty solid cycle
start of week 2 i am very happy so far. no pain from injections. after doing my last cycle using QV enanthate [painful shit] my underground labs enanthate is pain free.

also will be adding insulin this week