My test crashed!


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My test crashed!

I just made some cyp a few days ago. I used 10 grams of cyp and 2 cc's of BA to make a 50 cc bottle. Today I went to draw out a shot and noticed a bunch of shit in the bottle. Looks to me like it crashed. Any thoughts on what to do? I am think I should just heat it up and add another cc of ba to it.
If you had BB (benzyl benzoate), I would probably go with some of that instead since I believe it causes much less injection pain, but if BA (benzyl alcohol) is all you have, go with that. You may want to heat it to help it all get into solution.

I made ethananate at 250 mgs./ml. with about 2% BA and 6% BB. Painless.

BTW I just did my first experiments with making test prop and no ester test in oil. I had to use a lot of solvent.

It took 5% BA and 15% BB to get prop into solution at 100 mg./ml. The no ester test was really tough. I had to keep adding solvent. I think it ended up being 6% BA and 20% BB to get 65 mg./ml.

Slightly frustrated with that, I took Billy Bathgate's advice and made a blend. Its 100 mgs. of test per ml., 50 mgs. prop and 50 mgs. no ester test. It took about 5% BA and 18% BB.

I did notice that heating the solution to about 150 degrees F for long periods and stirring it with a glass rod did help it slowly dissolve. Be patient, but remember that you aren't out of the woods until your finished product has cooled to room temp and remains in solution.

If anybody else has experience making prop and no ester test injectables in oil (or anything else for that matter), please share your experience regarding the amount and mixtures of solvent(s) you used, what concentrations you ended up with, and how much pain you get from them.
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Thanks for the help bro. I have some extra ba right here so I'll try adding another cc of that and heat it up to see what happens. I will be using BB in addition to BA in the future.
grafix-gnc said:
let it cool very very slowly

I put it in a cup of very hot water and leave it in there until the water gets to room temperature. How long after it is done sitting does it usually take to know if it will crash?
Something interesting I noticed. When I first made this I put it into 5 10ml bottles, three of which I baked and 2 that I didn't. The ones that I didn't bake crashed and the others are still fine.
Cyp is harder to convert than Enth because of its higher melting point.You say you used 2mls of solvent for 50mls of Cyp.For Cyp i would use 5% BA ( 2.5ml ) and 10% BB ( 5mls ) If that doesnt work add another 5% BB.
i had same prob bro and also only had ba at the time, i upped to 7%ba and it was fine and also no pain at all. usually i use 5%ba and 10%bb though.