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ok as i read more and more on this awsome board . i learn more and more.but this i still not know?
when you all say test does that stand for ?testovis-propionate
testex-test cyprionate?
testo viran-test enanthate plus prop?
and does deca stand for deca durabolin norma or organon?

the thing is i am trying to get my first order in and i can not get my product list made out.i know this may sound stupid but i am new to all of this and i need it broke down to idiot terms .please don,t flame me just help a beginner.thank you
When we say Test, we are talking about the compound in general, not the specific ester attached to it. Have a look at this thread I linked for you, it will explain Esters way better for you.

Deca, again is the name of a compound, Norma & Organon are just two of the many companies that make it. Deca also comes with different esters.

One last little peice of advice, I would not worry about ordering anything right away, if you hang around here and learn more, you have a much better experience ordering and planning out a cycle, once you are better educated on AAS.
SC answered your ? so.

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