need some training advice


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whats up bros? i am in my third cycle, test only. in this cycle i am concentrating on areas that i lack. one of thes areas is the upper and inner parts of the chest. my question is what excersise can i use to isolate the inner chest? i am not trying to add anymore size to my outter chest untill the upper and inner is brought out.


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There's really no way to totally isolate any area of the pecs, but what swolemc said. What I think would be even better is incline cable flyes. More tension at the top than the dumbell Flyes. Also, Incline Dumbell Press and Hammer Strength Incline will also effectively hit the inner upper chest as well. Probably better than any flye movement, IMO.


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^^^^ This x 2 . Pecs are really one big muscle, it's really gonna depend on ur genetics wether u end up having a fuller upper chest or not but having a little more emphasis on incline chest movments will help to a certain extent