New guy here with a ?


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I am on tren enanthate @ 75mg EOD and Prop @ 150 EOD. Took my second shot today..... I have never tried this combo before. I have always stuck with others. Wondering what you guys think about that cycle and is there anything I need to watch for? I have done many other cycles of other various juice just have had a hard time gettin my hands on tren. Thanks, D

BTW I am running this for 10 weeks or so with Winstrol (winny) for the last 5 weeks.
Aboot said:
Have anything on hand in case progesterone-like side effects become a problem from the tren?
What would you recommend for that? I have Arimidex on hand and take B6 300 mg everyday. But waht else you have in mind?
So another ? How long does it take for the Tren enanthate to kick in fully? I know the Tren ace starts pretty quick as well as the prop. But is the Tren enanthate the same or does it take a bit longer due to the heavier compound?
With tren, everyone's experience is different. You'll just have to experiment and see how it goes.
Now would it be a good or bad idea to mix an additional fat burner with the tren/test stack? Something otc.... Not a huge fan of clen even though it works well i just had stomach probs on it.