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Hey evryone, I am new to this and am excited to ask question that I think everyone else is scared or too ignorant to answer. If any one has some good constructive critisms or suggestions, I welcome them.
First of all , I am 27- 135 lbs- 5'4" and about 27%bf. I used to W/O religiously but lately I have lost my zest for it. My W/O partner has quit the gym (had a baby) and now my gym is infested with a ton of sociall gym rats. It gets extremely buisy and nerveracking.:wallbash: I have a full time job during the day , I take 4 dance classes during the week ( ballet,theatre,modern,hip hop) and on the weekends(please dont condemn me)I am a 'dancer'(for those who dont get it ,that means exotic dancer). My issues are mostly that I am a very self consious person, I use to be very ugly when I was younger, and then about 5 years ago finally started to figure out the whole make-up and hair thing.I always used to skinny(110lbs)Then I started to gain like every girl does. Im still not used to people thinking Im 'hot'.( They dont realize how much makeup that takes for me,) and yet I know Im a hipocrite cuz Im a 'dancer' too. What bothers me about that is: during the day Im considered fit, and at night when I 'dance' Im one of the fattest girls there! All that in one day! Anyways......I have a very bulky-short lower body, and a very long-lean upper body.Makes for a very odd 2 peices glued together look. Until last year I had NO chest and thank god for that extra income I finally after 15 years off p**ing and moaning- I took care of that! I was considering jumping back into my W/O program but wanted some extra 'help'.Other than the stacker2 I take evryday, does anyone have any good AS advise for 'something' I can take to help up my upper body muscle ( alittle on the lower would be fine too- already have a mod.amnt.) and trim up at the same time? Sorry this is so long. Would love to look like the fitness bodybiulders who look very feminin but could still kick a mans booty! Thanks a ton - anyone. Much love and respect.....:help:
i would defineately take a look at diet first and foremost, and defineately get yourself back in the gym because without that the 'extras' wont do much for ya. Its not magic :). you may be able to manipulate your diet enough to achieve what you are looking for.

If after putting your diet in check you are still not getting where you would like, i would suggest using Anavar (var) (anavar, ox, oxandrolone) at 5-10mg a day for 6 weeks and you should defineately see the trimming effect as well as some added muscle as long as u maintain a clean diet and a regular routine.

The greatest thing i can stress with oxandrolone is finding real product.
Firstly, welcome to the board. Next up, I'd say definitely get your diet in check before even considering AS. They are not magic and not to be used as a quick fix. What does your diet look like sweetie? Why don't we try to work on that first? Now, u said u do 4 classes a week, are they toning classes? Do you use weights in them? If they are just cardio classes then please get back into some resistance training. Your results will be far better combining the weights with the cardio.
We would love to help you get the body you want sweetie, we just need to focus on one thing at a time. First thing up, DIET. Jot down what you eat in a day for us and post 'er up and we'll fix it up for u if it needs fixing. sound good?
Thanks all for the replies.
1st of all, my dance classes are -lessons-every year we put on a big production at the university's theatre. They are mostly a cardio routine,and last 1-1.5 hours each. 2nd- yeah I do need to get back into my routine- I just need to make out a weekly plan of how and when- especially when I need to get myself to go when I wont feel so frustrated with the atmosphere- too many people, not enough room-and they all dont have anything better to do then to stare,than W/O.3rd- I will show you my average meals and snacks- just one thought tho-Ive done this several times back-n-forth and eating clean I dont have a problem with, My issues lie with that it seems I have the body type that is so stubborn I have to go to extremes any more to get results. 2 months ago I drastically cut my already clean diet to even lower calories and I went from 148 back down to my current 135. I just feel like Im gonna end up W/O 5 times a day just to lose the last few inches.I realize we all have these problems, but you would think the way I eat, the 4 classes I take, and 'dancing' 3X a week would benefit me some,even when I was still weight lifting 4 times a week. I am going back to the gym I just need a fresh start and Im frustrated that Ive lived this lifestyle at least 5 years now and yet I keep ending up right back where I started...
MY diet:
get up 6am: work at 7> try to eat something small like muffin or sandwich-cant have cheese or dairy(lactose intolerant)even pro powder will upset me
9am- eat half my lunch-like healthy choice bowl,tuna sand.,or salad with chicken- whatever it is it always has protien,carbs, and veggies of some sort.
11am- same as 9
1pm- protien bar or salad
3pm-off work-leftovers at home- chicken, tuna- sometimes 2 wheat pancakes and eggs
sometime between 5-8 is when Ill have a dance class(times differ)
around 8-9 Ill try not to break down and over eat, so ill try to have a small 'meal'( i usually am starving at this point from class)
10-11pm go to bed.
somewhere in there-before I droped off the wagon a month ago, Id w/o- like around 8-10 at night when gym slows down(if im not beat by then) or a long time ago I tried my hardest to go at 5am-not a morning girl at all, but I tried.
I will say that Im real good about not eating junk- I have sensitive teeth so I cant handle sweets, ice cream ect...
But ive also noticed that pop gives me major cramps-so I do juice or water- and Ive really noticed that after eating I will get VERY tired within 20 mins. or so. All throughout the day Im fighting major fatigue , around 1pm I crash big time. It takes all my might when I get home to stay moving and not take a nap. I take fat burners to keep up the energy but sometimes its so bad they wont work at all. I get so motivated to do all the things I want to do but by the time I get home... allls lost.Sorry , I realize I sound like a big whinner right now. and Im babbling.. I guess in a nut shell , I know what to do and how to eat,and nothing is magic, I just cant keep the wheels turning and cant find a good suppliment to tell my stubborn body who's boss- and some good motivation to keep me in check. Sorry so long... I am a babbler!!! The sad thing is.. I have people asking me all the time for good advise and I help them out and its usually good for them, I just cant figure out why my own 'knowledge' doesnt work on me?is my body that stubborn?
if yall think Im just a big baby- you cant disregard my silly antics- Ill totally understand. Nonetheless thanks for even bothering to read this.. Keep up the good work!
i see alot of problems with your definitely need more protein. are the carbs you are eating *good* carbs? microwave or processed foods are typically super high in sodium, and carbs. i'll see if i can find a fairly simply example, unless someone else beats me to it, and i'll post it up.

i see you talking about the cardio you do, but what else do you do? are you lifting any weights?
thanks, i know, my diet IS lacking in protein. I hate eating all those chiken breast.ughh. boring. yet i know ya have too. i eat for carbs, mostly baked poes, veggies,sometimes rice, sometimes salad.does anyone know anything about carb sensitivity? could i be carb sensitive since i get so tired right after i eat? or the fact that i look at potatoes and gain weight?
well, any white carb source is not a good carb source. you should eat 100% wheat bread, traditional oats, not instant, brown rice, not white, sweet potatoes, there are others but they escape me at the moment.......heres an example

Meal 1: eggs/egg whites/egg beaters, old fashioned oatmeal or 1 sl of whole grain bread.

Meal 2: protein drink (low carb or moderate carb)

Meal 3: chicken with spinach salad or with brown rice or with sweet potatoes

Meal 4: banana with peanut butter

Meal 5: beef/chicken/turkey/tuna/whatever with again brown rice/sweet potatoes

Meal 6: almonds or protien pudding (non fat milk, sugar free/fat free instant pudding and add one scoop of protein powder, low carb variety == prepare according to package directions).

another example:

Meal 1- 4 egg whites, 1 whole
1/2 c. oatmeal
4 oz. lean ground beef
Meal 2- Shake w/ 3 strawberries, 1 tsp. flax
Meal 3- 6oz. Chicken or tuna
4 oz. sweet pot.
1c. green veggies
Meal 4-same as meal 2
Meal5- 6oz white fish, turkey or chicken
2c. green veggies
2tsp. flax

i'm not a big diet expert, but for women, diet is the most important thing to get straight to lose fat. you could even cut out some of the carbs listed above to tweak it a bit.

another thing, the salads you are eating are useless if its iceberg lettuce. it has no real significant nutritional value.

you are tired because you aren't eating enough. the tough thing is to eat enough, and to eat enough of the right stuff.

with all those dance classes throughout the week, i definitely wouldn't do any cardio at the gym, or you're going to be overtraining. i would weight train on the alternate days from the cardio too
thanks TXGRL, I appreciate your help. I guess I just need to stick to it. The one thing I've found is starting over is definitely the hardest part, once you pass that one or 2 week mark its like 2nd nature to go W/O. Like I said before, Ive been an avid fitness/weight lifter for like 5 years, and I read a ton, and have all those subscriptions. But like my BF says I try to do too much cuz I get overambitious then I crash from being overwhelmed, But I always feel that in order to see any improvements I have to go at it full blown or Ill be dragging my feet. He also says I talk the talk, but dont walk the walk. He's right. I know all this stuff I just dont apply myself. Its a rollercoaster for me, for 2-3 months I do great, then I drop back some, then for about 1-2 months I fall completely off.What I think I also need is an actual GOAL, something I feel I need to get ready for, not quite a competition, but along those lines, you know what I mean? Something to help keep me focused. Like for our dance production, its helped knowing all those classes are preparing me for the BIG ONE. So I try harder. I would love to do a competition, Im not afraid of the stage, in fact I love it. I am a 'dancer' on the side, and I would love to Feature Entertain, but thats very competetive too. If ya'll dont know what that is , it's a 'dancer' that goes traveling around ,has a ton of fancy and expensive theme costumes. ie. little red riding hood, cowgirl, cops, ect.. they play songs that go with their costumes, and play up to the crowd, play games, have photos, and make a lot of money without having to be up close and personal with the customers, I hate being up close and personal- I just like the stage-entertaining part. But its competitive because they are so gorgeous and fit. Its like trying to walk in downtown Hollywood and get noticed among all the beauties. Thats my only goal. Sad but true. Anyways, babbling again... I only have internet when Im at work, so Im 1: being naughty-2:I wont be able to read this all weekend! #: I have to leave early now cuz I just found out my mom is in the hospital with chest pains. gotta go! much love to you all. Thanks so much!
TexGrl definitely gave some great meal suggestions and/or advice.
Please let us know how you are doing and if we can be of any more assistance to u.:p
Hey evrybody. Been going back to the gym now for a week now. Slowly working my way back up again. Havent been there in a month but hey, its not like its been years. Ill probably be back to where I was in 2 weeks. Diet has been good, only cheated yesterday, sundays are always that way- eat with the family and have pizza. I always allow 1 cheat day so as not to completely deprive myself- Ill end up gorging later if I do. Im eating a lot of eggs and chicken right now to get MOST of my protien, like I said before I have a hard time digesting shakes and such cuz Im lactose intolerant.
So - once Im back on track completely again- which will be in about 2 weeks- what suggestions do y'all have for AS? I know y'all have tried to answer my question already with food and W/O alternatives, but I can say this- in the past-most recently being about a year ago- I was W/O hard core & doing my cardio in the A.M and my diet was squeaky clean- not even gum- and I manged to be about 125lbs -which is the right weight for me if im in good shape- but it still escapes me to get muscle to stay -especially on my upper body- and trim bodyfat at the same time- no matter what- its always one or the other. When I weight lift for that long I -like anyone else- plateaus- and yet I can do cardio till the cows come home before I staret losing muscle and not fat.

my issues- Im going to 'start' something REGARDLESS. Im not right now! I know better- probably in about 1- 2 months- however- my 'guy' ( actually my BF's 'guy') will be in town in 2 weeks, and he doesnt come in town very often at all. So even though I wont be starting anything, I would like to get it in advance since it can be 4 months before i hear of him again. I do have a dance competition in july and august, its a major dance/entertainment/beauty competition, and I will definitely need a little help once it gets closer. theres no testing involved or any need for it in fact.
So I hate to beat a dead horse- but what would you guys and gals suggestions be? I am looking to lose about 5-10lbs but gain muscle in return-mostly bigger upper body muscle and trimmer lower body muscle, and loose the flab! Im probably looking for a 'light' AS . I know I can get close to what I want with diet and weights but Ive tried hundreds of times to get my goal, and no deal. I just want some extra help. Like I said- I probably wont start for a month or so depending on my results at that point. But I do need to 'order' soon.

PLEASE PLEASE help me decide. I heard Wnstrol and clen are good, any others? how to take? what dose? sides?

Thank you you guys for helping me so far! I appreciate it.
You really need to reread all the posts and do some research on your own. Most likely your diet is not up to par. Honestly why not post it up ?

One week back in the gym??WTF!!!!!

Really can not spot reduce or put big muscles on upper body and lean muscle on lower!!!!!!!! A better understanding of how your body works would certainly help.

Not to flame you BUT the girls here have spent a lot of time giving you a diet and you need to follow one for several weeks to make a change.

Try the diet Texgirl gave and get a new lifting program going or at least post yours here.

With what you know about diet and training the addition of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) is not likely to give you any good results. Sounds like a dangerous situation to me. But WTF. Go for it since you've never made your goal in hundreds of trys as you state in your post , by all means the magic in the Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) and clen will certainly guarentee you success!!!!!!

Not trying to be mean but shit oh dear what can I say-valerie
well, you've stated you are going to cycle regardless, and i think its a bad idea, but its your decision thing to remember is whatever you decide to take, if your diet and training is not good, you will put on fat along with any muscle you put on as well. AS WILL NOT MAKE YOU LOSE FAT. diet and exercise will. you could try clen now if you really want to do something, its not an AS though. for your money, a good EAC would work just as well in my opinion. Clen works really well for men, but most women i know don't take it until their body fat is pretty low already.

have you ever cycled anything before? AS don't work the same for women as they do for men. our bodies are so different, and you run the risk of making changes to your body that you can change back. whatever you do, remember, LOW DOSES. also keep in mind lots of drugs take a long time to build in your body, then Bam, all of a sudden you might be experiencing some very unpleasant side effects that you will have to ride out till the drug is out of your system. i really don't know much about Winstrol (winny), there are some women who take it and love it, but i've seen an equal amount of women take it and hate it. it all depends on the person, the sides they experience, and what their goals are.
Thanx alot TXGRL. I appreciate your help. I understand all your gals' concerns. I am not a complete amature at this. Like I said before, Ive been out of the gym for a month,not a year, but I was and still am a regular goer. I just hit a bad rut last month and Ive been really buisy with my dance performance coming up. My diet is pretty close to what ya'll have suggested. And Im already taking ,and have always in the past, an ECA stack. I will be back up to where I was in about 2 weeks, in 2 months Ill be going full steam ahead- then I will hit my plateaulike I always do. If I TWEAK my diet and workout plan any more- I will be in pre-contest cycle! I realize my body is stubborn, and I already have to be strict- I already am. But I am only asking questions that will MAYBE apply later on down the road when I get to that point, NOT now. I know these things were created for men, and I know about low doses, and I know about the basic side effects. I just wanted to know more about what kinds were out there and what someone like me could possibly take when that time comes- NOT now.
Thanx for everyones help anyways.I dont know why I seemed to have rubbed y'all the wrong way - but I have. I thought I was probably asking the same questions you have all asked at some point . And maybe none of you have tried Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) and thats why your so gung-ho against them. But y'all arent telling me that - instead Im feeling a little attacked here. So I have a feeling that this particular forum might turn my questions into a cat-fight. This was not my intention. I will take my questions elsewhere if this is going to be the result. Thank you , you guys nonetheless, I DO appreciate your concerns and help.
i hope you didn't feel like i was attacking you, i never meant it to be that way.......i HAVE done a couple of cycles, but i trained for 3+ years before i did. there are some girls on here who have done way more that you could imagine. you stated in an above post that you are one of the "heavier" girls at night at your job. AS are not going to make you thin again. i can't stress that enough. they will put muscle on your body.

i've asked a couple of times, and you never answered......what is your weight lifting routine like? when you reach a plateau you need to shake it up. Lift heavy one week, moderate the next. change the order of the exercises you are doing, change your training split. shock your body. are you doing at least 3 different excercises for each body part, 3 sets of each? there are some fantastic girls on here who can give excellent advice as far as training. i've seen way more improvements on my body with intense weight training, and very little cardio. you keep talking about the dance and the cardio you are doing, i'm wondering about the rest of your program. cardio alone will get you nowhere, in my opinion.
No, TXGRL, I didnt think YOU were attacking me. sorry. I know that its probably non intentional on the other side either. (I think somebodies "WTF!" replies up above are what got me. ) Im not here to make enemies, you are actually being really helpful and I appreciate that.
lets see , my W/O routine...
for now- until I get back to where I was- Im doing 3 days of weight, and the only cardio is my dance classes right now until the Production in June, then Ill throw regular cardio back in, cuz Ill have the summer off.
I usually rotate my days- upper body one, skip a day- lower body- skip a day- upper again- skip, get my full body back in motion and broke back in,
then Ill end up splitting for a couple of weeks-i.e.
back, bi's
chest, calves,abs

Im familiar with rotating W/O's ,I naturally do anyways cuz I get bored fast. So then for a couple of weeks Ill split like one body part a day-heavy sets. keep in mind too that on the days that say skip- I do cardio on. I almost always do at least 3 sets for each excersise and at least 3 excersises for each body part. I try to do heavier sets for my upper body-to build more size. And moderate weight for my lower body with higher reps to get more of a resistance/weight/cardio W/O.
Im trying to build size in my calves to offset my big thighs(which I have a good base from being a runner and I can build those rather easily-calves and thighs that is) I have a great V-taper- my waist always appears really little compared to my lower and upper half, even though Im about 27" there right now. I think its mostly my back and lats that make it appear that way cuz I have little to no size in my shoulders- I have delts but the rest is all bone. I have issues with my shoulders popping alot, so alot of good shoulder exersises are hard to come by for me. Im lacking in size on my sides of my shoulders cuz those are the xrsises that make them pop. Everyone says I have a good butt, but its a J-LO butt. If it were smaller but the same shape it'd be all-good. My biceps, triceps and forearms used to be big, back when I worked in an Iron foundry, but now they are only descent. and overall,I have a long upper body compared to my lower. Im off center- I have a long torso and stubby legs, thick ankles, button knees.... which is why I look bigger down there- not much room to spread out.
So I know I basically need to build size on my upper to make my lower appear smaller. I think my stats are: 5'4", 135lbs, 36-27-35. I havent looked in a month so I can check for sure. I wish y'all lived closer or visa-versa- we dont have women like you or me around here that take fitness seriously. They think that eating once a day and drinking mountain dew and doing 100 situps is the way to do it!
Im sorry TXGRL if I went-off earlier, Im just frustrated that Ive been doing this for at least 5 years, and alls Im doing is managing to maintain..Im not mean.I didnt mean to come off that way... Thanks for you help..
I'm the one with the WTF's. Purely from frustration after reading the many posts from you. Yes we are here to help but you weren't paying attention!!!

Instead of rambling on why not post up the exact w/o you are following. Include exercise, sets, reps and wts used.

The cool thing about lifting and being fit is learning to pay attention to the results you are getting. Awareness is a powerful tool but only if you will use it. This goes double for dieting.

I'm not anti Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) but it is quite apparent that until you get the diet and w/o correct you won't get the results you want. Honestly you can get all you want thru just lifting and diet. After all how many "big" dancers do you know? BTW I was a dancer many years ago.

Texgrl is right on about Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) and wt loss, it just won't happen. You gotta get the diet right on target as well as wt lifting and some kind of aerobics, dancing just don't cut it.

Sorry to come across so harsh but you should thank us for saving you another five years of wasted time-LOL-valerie