new PR on good mornings and shrugs


will make you tap
new PR on romanian deadlifts and shrugs

i know its not much compared to some of you guys but.. tonight i did 405x2 on my RDL's, 1st rep i tried without straps, i got it up but shredded my hands, second with straps.

also did 315x10 on my shrugs
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02gixxersix said:
Congrats bro PR's are the shit. Just curious though how do straps factor into good mornings??
maybe im calling them something theyre not? i was doing the deads from shin height. please correct me if im wrong
good job on deads.

Remeber on floor deads if you get nice and low use the quads and no slack inthe bar and u will be able to pull more.

Bottom half is a press then pull well.