Nice To Come Over....Now Can Someone Help

The Answer Founder
HELPPPPP!!!!!! I need my "R". I just noticed that I'm The Answe (what the hell is the :D

Hey Admin, can you please help me out or delete my account and I will re-register. Some guys are just a pain in the ass, huh ;) .....

Thanks Bro,

Oh by the way, I like the new place!!!!
Hey bro, Welcome to the board !!

Yeah, it's not quite you without the "R". Anyways, great to see you here and I'm sure Biggie or Tx will fix that little prop for ya.
Since I am here at the moment, and I can alter usernames, find yourself logged out soon. I will update your username with the R and update the settings with 5 more characters for users with even longer usernames :)
Ok, I just fixed it. I think you REALLY made a typo during registration, since the max was set to 20 characters for a username (now 25). maybe you were to quick with registration and didn't type the r and didn't notice it :p

You probably need to 'logout' of the forums first, and then login with the NEW username (since it has new letter) and the pass you registered with. If you run into any problems, just let me know.
Floris, I'm sure your right. Thanks alot for fixing it for me bro.....

Thanks for the warm welcome guys I greatly appreciate it. Okay DRVJ, I deserve that. SC, whats up bro. Goot to see you. Avatar is looking good. Backs getting bigger. I see the Jeopardy game did help ;) . Sonis whats up my friend. its good to be here. I'm looking forward to hanging out. Nice group I see here......
Hey making the name "Meat head" look good ha ha j/k welcome bro this board should be sweet