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Question for SWALE:

I have low libido and I thought I had low testosterone so I went to an endrocrinologist who ordered blood work. I just got my test results back. The doctor just gave them to me over the phone:

Age: 28
Tetsosterone: 766
Free testosterone: 21.2 (pmol/L) - what is that in EDIT: pg/ml?
LH: 3.9
FSH: 2.8
Prolactin: 5.1
Estradiol: 40
Cortisol: 17.8

I have never used illegal steroids before but I have used Biotest's 4AD before.

I thought it was low test or high prolactin that is causing my low libido but all my hormones are in the normal range and the doctor says my results were good and there is nothing he can do to help me.

What could be causing my low libido? My libido has been pretty low for the past 1-2 years. At my levels, shouldn't I be a raging horndog?

Other drugs I am taking: I have been on Prozac (5mg) for many years so that can't be the cause. The only thing I can think of is Finasteride (1/4 Proscar) but I've been taking it only the past 3 months and that is supposed to raise T a little. Unfortunately, the doc didn't ask for DHT to be tested so I don't know what it is.

Things I noticed when I was on 4AD:

1) I was mentally calmer and more alert and didn't need to take my Prozac. I read some studies on PubMed that serotonin and dopamine raises with testosterone so that made sense.

2) Libido was up and my johnson hung bigger flaccid and I had firmer errections like before but it also made it more "numb" - kinda like if I took too much Prozac (I know how that feels because I started on 20mgs many years ago and found that 5 mg was the ideal dose for me)

The above caused me to think I had low endogenous T, but the blood test shows that not to be the case.

Please let me know if there is any other information I left out. Thanks.
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Finasteride is a good way to ruin your libido. If you are taking high doses of test along with it you may OK, but finasteride without exo test seems like a bad idea as far as sex drive is concerned.
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I agree it's probably the finasteride. I used 1.25mg ED while on 750mg of test and I could not get a proper hard on the whole time.
I would drop it for a week or two, and I'm sure that you be back in 'action' in no time.
Thanks bros. Much appreciated.

Is DHT that important for libido?

Does anyone know how to convert pmol/L to pg/ml? I found on the web that says to divide by 3.47 but that doesn't make sense.
Archetype said:
Thanks bros. Much appreciated.

Is DHT that important for libido?

DHT is very important for libido, as is estrogen. Normally, as long as your test levels are high enough everything will be fine because test converts to both DHT and estrogen, but if you block either pathway with finasteride or an aromatase inhibitor, you may run into problems.
I agree w/ the above. The company quotes only 5% or less (roughly, off the top of my head) experience a decrease in libido. DHT is a factor, obviously effects different individuals in different ways. Never bothered me one bit.
I'd try a drug holiday from the finasteride for several weeks (half life is fairly long, although nothing like dutasteride). If it turns out to be the culprit, then you have a decision to make.
Some hair docs say as little as 1mg a couple of times a week can be effective in hair loss. That may ameliorate some of the sexual sides, or it may not.
I concur with BuffDoc--discontinue the finasteride.

I don't read in your post that you are taking it to combat hairloss. This may be a prime example of why it is men should not take finasteride or even saw palmetto IN ABSENCE OF PROVEN NEED TO. I've had quite a few patients who come in with great serum T levels, but are not feeling up to par. When I D/C the saw palmetto, they are right back on track. They were taking it "because someone told me it is good for prostate health".

Perhaps your body is changing in the way it processes Prozac--a medication which is well-known to cause sexual side effects. I am not surprised to hear that the 4AD lesened your need for an anti-depressent: testosterone acts much lie a form of anti-depressent called a MAO inhibitor.

I'll finish by adding that it is important to remember, on a Forum where both Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is discussed side-by-side, that things are VERY different hormonally between the two.
Thanks bros. I'll drop the Finasteride and see how it goes.

SWALE, I was taking the Finasteride to combat hairloss. I have a slowly receding hairline and I thought I'd do something about it before it gets worse. I'm now going to switch to topical minoxidil and azeliac acid especially since I don't see any improvement with Finasteride after 3 months - only a few white hairs popping up and my frontal hair now grows slightly to the side.

If DHT is so important for libido, I'm suprised that the MAJORITY of those taking Finasteride is not experiencing the sexual side effects and how Merck can get away with repoting only 2% in thier clinical trails.

Your observation on saw palmetto on your patients is interesting. I always thought saw plametto didn't work in the real world kinda like chrysin. Judging by its powerful effects on libido, would you say that it is comparable to Finasteride in inhibiting 5-AR?
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I believe you must use finasteride for 6 months to notice any positive effects on hair loss. Yes, I greatly prefer topicals.

Of course, this is pretty easy for me to say: I'm 45 years old and have the thickest mane of blond hair you've ever seen.

I simply do not believe the manufacturer's claims. That is like denying that DHT is an important hormone.

Saw palmetto doesn't inhibit 5-AR; it blocks DHT at receptors.