Noopept - What is it, what does it do, and my log while I run it.


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Not really sure where this should go. It is not an anabolic, it is a nootropic, a cognitive enhancer. As you probably guessed, it makes you think faster, clearer, and hopefully better. It is also called GVS-111 or N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester (though I doubt that last one is used in conversation much). It is a patented item and is owned by a Russian company.

Noopept does nothing on its own, the body converts it to cycloprolylglycine, which is then used by the body's acetylcholine system and it controls the AMPA receptors. AMPA receptors control the fast synaptic transmission in the central nervous system. If we can make them work better, faster, and stronger, we have a winner on our hands and a brain (cognitive) enhancing drug.

Other than help you think faster, clearer, and better, what else does it do? I am glad you asked! It appears to be VERY good for helping to protect against Alzheimer's Disease. Here is a snippet:


Taken together, these data provide evidence that novel cognitive enhancer noopept protects PC12 cell against deleterious actions of A***946; through inhibiting the oxidative damage and calcium overload as well as suppressing the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway. Moreover, neuroprotective properties of noopept likely include its ability to decrease tau phosphorylation and to restore the altered morphology of PC12 cells. Therefore, this nootropic dipeptide is able to positively affect not only common pathogenic pathways but also disease-specific mechanisms underlying A***946;-related pathology.
Neuroprotective effect of novel cognitive enhancer noopept on AD-related cellular model involves the attenuation of apoptosis and tau hyperphosphorylation | Journal of Biomedical Science | Full Text

Take note that this was only on animal studies, but it is exciting nonetheless! All the studies, so far, are only on non-humans.

It also apparently is good for helping to control (or prevent) specific types of diabetes by normalizing levels of GLP1 insulin in the blood.

Noopept normalizes parameters of the incretin system in rats with experimental diabetes. It is known that GLP-1 increases NGF expression in the insular system. Our results suggest that the increase in incretin activity contributes to the antiapoptotic effect of Noopept on pancreatic ***946; cells. The mechanism for an increase in blood GLP-1 level after oral application of Noopept requires further investigations.

And another study, which compares Noopept to an already existing and in use treatment drug:

In active control group, spontaneously increase glucose level and reduced tolerance to glucose load (1000 mg/kg intraperitoneally) were observed on the next day after the third administration of toxin. Basal glucose level decreased by day 16, but glucose tolerance remained impaired. Noopept normalized the basal blood glucose level and tolerance to glucose load on the next day after administration of streptozotocin. The effect of Noopept persisted to the end of the experiment. At early terms of the experiment, sitagliptin was somewhat superior to Noopept by the effect on baseline glucose level, but was inferior by the influence on glucose tolerance.. By the end of the experiment, Noopept significantly (by 2 times) surpassed sitagliptin by its effect on glucose tolerance.

And another study saying how wonderful Noopept is for diabetes:

We studied the effects of new nootropic and neuroprotective drug Noopept (N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester) in various dosage regimens on the dynamics of glycemia, body weight, and pain sensitivity in rats receiving diabetogenic toxin streptozotocin. In experimental diabetic rats, Noopept alleviated glycemia and weight loss and normalized enhanced pain sensitivity. The normalizing effect of Noopept was most pronounced when it was administered as a preventive agent prior to injection of the toxin. Both preventive and therapeutic administration of Noopept (delayed injections included) significantly weakened the examined metabolic effects of diabetogenic toxin. Possible mechanisms of the antidiabetic action of Noopept are analyzed.

They studied the two main experimental lab mice types for how well noopept helped them in a maze. It did nothing for the one type but did wonders for the other:

The effect of acute, 7-fold and 14-fold noopept (1 mg/kg/day) administration on the dynamics of anxiolitic and nootropic behavioral effects in cross-maze, as well as their correlations with NMDA- and BDZ-receptor density was studied in inbred mice strains, differing in exploratory and emotional status--C57BL/6 and BALB/c. The dipeptide failed to affect the anxiety and exploration activity in C57BL/6 mice at each of 3 steps of experimental session. In this strain the B(max) values of [3H]-MK-801 and [3H]-Flunitrazepam binding changed only after single administration. In respect to BALB/c mice noopept induced both the anxiolitic and nootropic effects reaching their maximum on 7th day. In BALB/c strain the dynamics of hippocampal NMDA-receptor binding corresponds to the dynamics of exploratory efficacy whereas the dynamics of BDZ-receptors in prefrontal cortex was reciprocally to dynamics of anxiety level.

The C57BL/6 mice are not prone to anxiety, they do tend to try to bite the handlers more often than other types. They are more susceptible to pain (probably why they bite so much) and analgesics have almost no effect on them. They also become addicted quickly and will voluntarily drink alcohol. The BALB/c mice are highly prone to anxiety and respond to it by becoming more and more aggressive. They also are very bad at navigating through unknown areas, which causes their anxiety levels to go up. So the study basically showed that noopept is great for reducing anxiety due to decision making and greatly increased the ability to navigate the maze - at least if you are of the correct type of mouse. It does not say why the differences were seen. I would hazard to guess it has something to do with the resistance to analgesics the C57BL/6 mice have.

Another study agrees with them on this, and goes a little further and says:

Exploratory behavior, locomotor activity, and anxiety in inbred mice of C57BL/6 and BALB/c strains subchronically treated with placebo or various types of nootropic (cognition enhancing) drugs (piracetam, phenotropil, noopept, semax, pantogam, nooglutil) have been evaluated using the exploratory cross-maze test. It was found that BALB/c mice in comparison to C57BL/6 mice are characterized by greater anxiety and lower efficiency of exploratory behavior in the previously unfamiliar environment. All tested drugs clearly improved the exploratory behavior in BALB/c mice only. In BALB/c mice, piracetam, phenotropil, noopept, and semax also reduced anxiety,...

But is it legal? Well, that depends on where you live. Provided this site is correct (and I have not seen anything showing otherwise), here is a small list of legal/illegal status:

Legal issues
U.S.: Noopept has no schedule assigned to it in the U.S., making it unregulated and therefore legally available for anyone in the country to buy, possess and use.
United Kingdom: This drug is illegal under the Psychoactive Substance Act, which came into effect on May 26th, 2016.[2]
Canada: Noopept does not have a Drug Identification Number (DIN), meaning that it cannot be imported for resale or distribution. Noopept is not scheduled nor controlled in Canada, making import for personal reasons legal.
Australia: Noopept is not a Schedule 4 prescription drug nor is it on the list of poisons. It is currently being sold within the country.

So there you have it. We know how it works and why. We know it works in mice and we know it not only improves cognitive ability and reduces anxiety, but it also helps to normalize diabetes in mice. VERY exciting stuff!
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I have sourced some noopept. Yes, it is the name brand stuff, the real deal, not some knock off.


From what I could find online, it is said to take between 10mg and 40mg a day and that it lasts about 10 hours. I have used noopept before, in liquid form. It did absolutely nothing, even though I used two bottles worth. The company vanished forever about 3 months after my purchase. Go figure. Now that I have the real deal, I know it should work as advertised, if it does anything for me at all. Thus, my log. :)
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I started taking it yesterday, and I started at the max of 40mg because I am an idiot. 10-40mg is the suggested dose, so why not go big and drop down from there? Why not, because it is far smarter to start small and go up as needed until the desired effect is reached. Not me, though, nope. I had very bad headaches for much of the 10 hours. They reminded me of sinus headaches though my sinuses were clear. Marijuana dulled the pain quite a bit, so just be warned, don't be an idiot like me...start low. You MIGHT need the high end dose, but probably not.

Today I took 20mg, or 2 pills, with second breakfast/ first lunch (around 11am). In about an hour I started to notice an increased clarity of thought and decision making. I got almost no sleep last night - my nerves are still healing and I am in pain a lot from it, hurting my sleep. The pain signature is slowly changing, and in the exact way the physical therapist said it would if I was healing properly, so at least that is good. She was surprised I am healing so fast until I told her about the TB500 and 5mg a day of taurine I am taking. She is a friend so I knew she would be fine knowing this. She said that fully explains the rapid healing.

So back to today. I got almost 4 poor hours of sleep last night. My body feels like it, too. My mind, though, feels like I got a full night's sleep, even now, a little over 10 hours later, I am just starting to feel it wear off and my mind slow down and get groggy. I am hoping this type of reaction continues.

I read a HUGE warning on one of the medical sites about Noopept. They said not to take it for more than 2 months without taking at least a month off from it. They did not explain why, they just said it is a must. I will follow their warning, I may be an idiot, but I am not a COMPLETE idiot. :)
About 11 and a half hours after taking it yesterday I felt it give up. In a matter of 15 minutes it went from me being just starting to notice my mind slowing down and fogging up to it being completely where it should have been with so little sleep. It was quite an interesting sensation. No pain no headaches no crash, just a return to where I normally would have been without it.

Woke up this morning after about 5 hours of okay sleep. I can't wait till my nerves fully heal. Hopefully I will have the same type of result as yesterday, stay tuned!
I took my 20 milligram dose this morning at 8 a.m. and at about 9 a.m. I felt it starting to kick in. My body is still tired and needing more sleep but my mind is wide awake again.

I need to do a ton of studying of security methods and protocols for a Cisco exam, let's see if this helps me learn and retain information too.
Looks like you certainly did your research on this. From what I've read, it has no stimulating properties other than mental stimulation. No extra energy, but makes your brain a well oiled machine.

I have some on the way as well and I'm looking forward to comparing results with you. I'll be in touch ;)
You are absolutely right, it has no stimulants in it like caffeine or anything like that. It doesn't speed up your body process, is it just makes your mind work better by directly improving how well the fast neurotransmitters work.

Back when the Soviet Union existed, they wanted something to make their scientists smarter than ours so they could leap ahead of us. This is something they invented during that time. It was a state secret until the Soviet Union collapsed and now that they are a democracy and a free enterprise system they know they can make money on it and now we are allowed to have it to.
It took roughly an hour (a little over) to kick in today. I am going to drop to 10mg tomorrow to see how it works for me.
OK, so I ran it for 2 days at 10mg each day and I could feel it working, but it did not work nearly as well as it did at 20mg. 20mg is my sweet spot it appears, so that is what I took today.

I also learned more about why you need to stop running it. Your body will slowly build up a tolerance to it, so it is recommended (on several places I have seen now) to run Noopept for a month then take a week off and start over again. I wonder if there is something you can take to allow you to run it forever, like you can with Clen. I will keep searching. I also found out that many people need a week for it to build up in their system prior to feeling anything. That is normally me, so I am thrilled I get the effects right away.

So far I am LOVING this stuff!
I have been taking 20 mg each morning before starting work and it has made a large difference in how well my mind works - it is as if my mind is 20 again. Considering I am closing in on 50, I am quite pleased by that. :)

I have to take an important exam on Thursday afternoon - a Cisco Security exam - and I am in crunch mode. Yesterday I took a second 20mg dose around 8pm and did not experience any headaches, all it did was greatly extend the benefits of Noopept. I watchied 12 hours of lectures yesterday and it did not turn my brain into mush. In fact, I actually learned a lot and everything he talked about made sense to me. Just a few years ago, before I was diagnosed with LowT, I could only concentrate for 5 minutes max before the brain fog took over and I stopped being able to listen or learn. Getting on test and fixing that greatly improved things, but nothing like what Noopept has done.

Today and tomorrow are both 12 more hours of lectures, followed by 2 hours of verifying I am not missing anything and then the exam. Lets see if I can successfully pull this off.
It has been a while since I posted, but for a good reason. Monday through Thursday was spent studying for a Cisco Security Exam, which I took and passed. I took 20mg of Noopept, twice a day, and watched 50 hours of lectures over those 4 days. I also studied a testprep type of thing (one where they illegally record the test questions and then give you the answers), it was 78 pages long.

What a difference Noopept made! I kept alert and focused, with very little sleep (I also have a full time day job, though I did listen to a few hours of lectures during the workday - they are related to my job, after all). I was able to listen to what he said, understand it, and remember it. I actually did not expect it to work as well as it did, so I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, I BARELY passed the test, but a pass is a pass. One thing I HATE about what Cisco does on their tests nowadays is that they add questions about products that are not in their syllabus of what they say you need to know for the test. Yes, they ask questions about some of their other products that might not even have ANYTHING to do with the topic you are being tested on! Their reason, they claim, is that you should already know that type of stuff by simply being in the industry long enough to have learned enough to take their exam. Everyone else believes it is so they can force more people to fail and have to buy the test again at $250 a pop.

Anyway, by the end of day 4 no much could keep my truly focused and alert. I started taking preworkout powder on day three to help me stay away, but by the middle of day 4 even it could not help. I started sleeping 2 hours and studying 2 hours and sleeping 2 hours, etc. Was very hard on me, but it was the final stretch so I knew I had to do it. Why did I do it in that short amount of time? I had just realized my CCNP and CCNA would expire (meaning I would need to take all those tests again to recertify) if I did not pass the exam by Friday!

Still, like I said, I am happy with what Noopept did for me. I am not sure I would have been able to concentrate on the lectures for as long as I did without it, let alone understand and retain as much as I did. I am going to give Noopept 5 out of 5 stars. It does what it claims, and does it well.

My next test will be with another nootropic, but I am going to let my self recover from the terrible stress I put myself under.