Ok, I'm taking everyones advice... Now what?

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I'm 5 weeks into my 1st Test (600mg/wk) cycle and am after reading a lot of posts and pondering advice given me from members here I am going to abort the cycle.

I'm going to go another year or so of natural gains to see where I'll be and then reconsider.

So, my question now is do I need to post cycle therapy (pct)? I was going to order some 6-oxo, should I still or is aborting the cycle now good enough?

Also, I realize most of the BB products on the market are bullshit, but is there anything worth using or should I just stick to dieting, whey protein, glutamine and regular work-outs?

I really appreciate all the help I've gotten from you guys on this board. I feel I am making the right decision. Thanks!

Any feedback on what to do next and what supplements I should actually take (i.e, that won't be wasting my time and/or money) is GREATLY appreciated.

Again, I've learned a lot here, it's MUCH appreciated (not that I'm going anywhere). You guys (and gals) are awesome!

I would still do a post cycle therapy (pct) protocol and for supps I would just stick with the protien/reg workouts.
You will need pct. I would recomend the traditional clomid/nolva therapy.

As for supps, I just use protein powder to SUPPLEMENT my meals, L-glutamine, flax seed oil, and a multi vitamin. I also cycle creatine. But bottom line, diet is the key to this game whether you are using Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) or not.
SO, you are in your 5th. week and want to stop now!! how many weeks your cycle was supposed to be?? so u just want to cut it short and make it a 5 week cycle ?? and how old are you ?

what do the mods. think ???
bingo_soothes said:
Just out of curiousity, why do they have different names than Nolvadex and Clomid?

They are the active ingrediant of the brand named products.
yea, why are you stopping???? go another couple weeks you already are passed the half way mark!?!

What have you seen happen so far on the 5 weeks you have been on?
I trained 3 years natty so pushed all the natty supps humanly possible, after all was said and done there were a few products that stood the test of time.

Creatine Ethyle Ester ( Insane pumps and strength gains for something natural)

You will also need to look after your joints so:

Glucosamine Sulphate
Cod Liver Oil

Check out my link below for a full list, I know your canning this cycle but you could always start slow like I am....low sides, because of the low dose you still learn how to eat well/healthy and train hard without relying on the steroids to fill the gaps.
I would atleast run it three more weeks, but its your choice just a little strange to stop that far into it. My opinion the diff between week 8&10 aren't that much, but from week 5-8 you would love what you gain in that time.
I would finish it if you are half way there. YOu'll never be a natural lifter again so what's the point of cutting this short to train natural?
Man, if you started this ... then do it right!! It is like putting a very high octane gas in an engine then all of a sudden switching to diesel!

I would not stop now, finish what you started man!!

This is my opinion!!
lastlaft said:
Just curious, Why are you stopping?

Completely unprepared, did not research it enough and to be honest my "guy" is being a real prick about me getting my stuff.

So, after a lot of thought and advice from members here on this board I decided that:

A. I really wasn't ready, prepared or researched enough

B. my "guy" is not worth the time or the hassle and I know nobody else

C. With the above two in combo, it seems like it's going to be a half-ass thing anyway, so why continue
I see no point in stoping now, your already this far in and you can get the needed post cycle therapy (pct) products from other websites with banners on this board. If your working hard training right and eating big I see no reason for you to stop this far in already. Its almost like shutting yourself down for no reason.
if you made one mistake with not getting prepared for it, do not make a second mistake by quitting now!!!

these are my 2 cents !!
5 weeks into it, i would finish it bc your are just now really seeing and feeling the results...let it ride. And like Rocco said, you will never lift naturally again...most likely anyhow.