Only way I can tolerate chicken all the time


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85 cent Fajita Mix packets. Not too spicy, and always moist chicken with good flavor. Tortillas are usually 70 cal each and I use 70 cal slices of american cheese. Can pound out 2 fajitas like nothing and its probably a quick 600-800 solid cals. I really dont watch anything in my diet other than sugars and this meal is pretty low on that.
hey matt.
I used to have the same prob with chicken. I hated it because it would dry out. Get yourself a crock pot. On sunday afternoon during halftime or whenever....lightly brown about 2 lbs of chicken in a pan (just so it turns white on each side) then throw it in the crock pot and toss in some pasta sauce. I try and find the stuff that low in sugar and whatnot. Throw in fresh herbs, oregano, garlic, whatever and set it on low for a couple of hours. You'll have 4 8oz portions for the week, they stay moist and very flavorful. Serve up w/whole wheat pasta and you've got yourself a protein carb meal. Serve up with melted cheese and you've got a protein/fat meal.

MMMM, good
put it in with some spaghetti, rigotoni, ziti...whatever and pasta sauce, seems to work great for me when the chicken starts to be a chore to eat.
Outlawtas. Go to the supermarket and look where theres the like taco dinner kits and stuff, and theres flavoring packets for taco, fajita and chili. 1 packet does 1lb. Its some good shit and its cheap. Im going into bulking mode now so these fajitas are cheap and easy to get a bunch of cals in. Im weird with rice and pasta can only eat it a day or 2 a week so this is alot of easy cals for me.
I get the Swiss Chalet Chicken Marinade packs and use that.

I have also made chicken fajitas which are good as well.
Looks like something semi similar Easto maybe ill give ita shot. I dont have the packets on me but I dont think the salt is that bad. And no I dont watch sodium too much, when im on and bulking a lil adex keeps any water off.