Out of hybernation


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Whats up guys?
I've been off gear now for about 8 months and fixin to start back up.
I'm 23, 5'11, about 20% BF.
I'm ready to shred a little and pack on some lean mass.
Here's what i plan to run starting back:
500mg Test E/wk
400mg Decabol/wk
400mg Eq/wk
running it for 15 weeks
My diet is great and i'm walking for 45mins in the morning 3 days a week.
Suggestions and comments would really help
Thanks guys
What's your cycle history?

Either way, I'd recommend a little time training natty while you get back into things. Though for people who have some experience cycling, its hard to get over the mental barrier of training while off.

At your BF% I'd look to just cutting for now, forget bulking. Get your BF% around 12% at least before bulking again. Like Crush said, Run, walking is pretty useless for burning serious cals. It's for old people :)

EQ seems to be a steroid people either love or hate, if you like how it works for you then that's your reasoning for including it. Those who like it say they like the moderate lean gains. If you haven't run it before, then I'd drop it and save it for when you can really judge it's results for yourself.
I'm right at 200 hundred pounds right now.
My last cycle was like a year ago and i was running about 750mg of sust a week with 400mg of deca. I fell a victim to Cigarettes and Crown Royal ha :druggie:
But now i'm back into it hardcore and ready to get it back.
If i shouldn't run Deca and Eq togeter, then what about just replacing both the deca and Eq with Tren E and running that and the Test E?
Oh yeah, and yes it hard to get over the mental barrier!! I've been a natty now for about two months and ready to get the pump and confidence back!!