Overdose test question.


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This may be the stupidist thread ever, but I have to ask it because I think about it every day. So please read it and help me out here.

Can you overdose on test? If so, what can happen?

Im asking this because, I remember reading somewhere, maybe on elite, that nobody has ever overdosed and died from having their test too high.

This does not make sense to me because your liver and kidneys etc fail if your test is too hight for too long, right? Or is it not the testosterone level that actually stresses your liver and kidneys?

Thanks guys.
If you could overdose on test in the same sense that you can overdose on other recreational drugs, there would be a lot of dead pros out there. More and more I see people doing several grams a week and they are fine. I think the bigger risk is that with such high doses, and the frequent injections that come with it, you are more likely to hit a vein sooner or later, unless you are very careful and always aspirate.
I would say an overdose of test would convert to estrogen or DHT and your problems would be bitch tits, balding and what ever else comes with have those being to high. JMO

Golden_Muscle said:
This may be the stupidist thread ever,


j/k... G_M :D

I would imagine at super extreme doses anything would be possible,
like someone does 10 grams a day, I wonder how long they would live ??
i see blood pressure and anxiety being a problem, and blood lipids after a while. i think you would probobly be alright for quite a while but cardiovascular disease would probobly kill you...