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Perutech or PeruLabs Winstrol (winny).
25/mg's a tab, 100 tabs a bottle. What do people usually get for this?$$
Winnys tends to be kind of pricey and I usually just use Fina to cut instead. But if this shits cheap ( I assume cheaper than Zambon) than I might actually give Winstrol (winny) a try.

Anybody have good experience with this? Please tell! Im sure others would like to know also.

Im a very satisfied customer. Been 8 weeks so far at 50 mg's/ed and im impressed. Down 21 pounds so far and strength hasnt decreased at all.
This is what my "friend" paid for his PeruTech Winstrol (winny). I don't know where he got them because I don't talk to him anymore ;)

25mg Caps

50 caps: $135
100 caps: $225
500 caps: $800
DRveejay11 said:
Heard great things

I have heard GRAET things about their Winstrol (winny) . Needsize was on their Dbol and he said it was some pretty good stuff too.
the Winstrol (winny) normally runs around 175 canadian for 100 caps, not sure what it works out to in american $ but thats pretty cheap for 50 days worth of Winstrol (winny). My buddies all love the stuff but I cant use winny.
Like Easto said I do love their dbol
Heyyo said:
Bro, there is only one distributor of PeruTech products to the US and his price is

100 caps: 150 USD
500 caps: 540 USD

They are the Rookies of the Honestly one of the best products outhere...I'm fairly certain it's slightly OVERdosed

The dbol is excellent as well as the clomid.

Next up is Anavar and Nolvadex.

Which are GREAT prices considering how good the stuff is!!!!!!:D
Perutech Winstrol (winny) is working great for me, good strength and killer on the joints.

I've used BD and ip oral Winstrol (winny) before. I get the same feeling from the Perutechs @ 50mg ed as i did with the chinaman version @ 100mg ed.
Gmill13 said:
Thank you buff dawg thats good to know. Juice is legal there right? SO SO LUCKY!

not exactly legal bro... you cant be busted for possessing amounts for personal use, but if caught with amounts that are obviously intended for traficking, you're in serious trouble!