Post cycle diet opinions


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I am starting Post cycle on Monday and am curious as to what changes I should make in my diet, if any to maximize keeping as much of my gains as possible as well as to keep the bodyfat off that I shed.

Here is what I was eating on my cutting cycle.

Totals for the day

cal - 3000
pro - 426g
carb - 100g
fat - 110g

Should I up the carbs and mabye drop the protein, keeping the fat around the same. I want to make sure I am not burning up to much muscle with such low carbs while off.

My workout routine will be the same, 5x/week and cardio 3-4 times per week for 30 minutes.

Have all neccessary essentials for recovery drug wise.

My stats are
6 feet
BF 12%- I am guessing here