post cycle training

Bascially, to sum it up IMO, is to do a powerlifting syle workouts. Heavy intense sets, low volume.

Which Ive said for 2 years now :)
Yep thats pretty much cycle I've always dropped my weight to keep in the 6-8 range, but according to these gurus dropping ur reps and keeping the same weight would be a smarter doing this you'd keep more muscle post cycle
thats really good to hear! i have just come off my cycle awhile back and was continueing to do my cycle workout (about 20 sets per muscle group). I was definetly feeling like i was overtraining and when i looked around for an off cycle workout i found this style has really worked for me
my appetite has really come back and i'm growin again. i'm doin a 15-20 warm-up set and 2 sets of 6 reps. on each excercise. i didnt think it would be enough for me but i feel good and i can't argue with growth.
I workout according to how I feel post-cycle. Usually I drop sets and weight down and my motivation is lowered, but this time post cycle Ive held steady for the last month and keeping great intensity.