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hello everyone, im a 25yr old 6'1 male who weighs 210lbs with 14% bf, ive brought my bf down from 16% within the last few weeks, im a pretty big dude with some stubborn fatty areas around my chest ive been using yohimburn df for the last few weeks and it has helped alot, but ive been wanting to start my first cycle of juice and ive been told to do a test enath. only of 400mgs for 12 weeks, but i wanna stay from adding anymore fat around my chest, im actually wanting to shed some more fat around this area as well as lean muscle, what should i do?
That's a good of a first cycle as you're gonna get.

You can control the bloat with an anti-e, other than that, it's all in your diet (and cardio) that's going to make a difference in your bf.
eth is ok but i would go with some test propanate before eth for cutting or some tren and winstrol, it will help cut some of that fat and add some lean muscle mass. they are also better because they have less sides
i got my diet down pretty good, i play a lot of basketball around 1hr 4-5 days a week is that enough cardio or should i hit the treadmill and the bike? as far as anti e- are you talking about something like liquidex could i take that throughout the cycle to help with the bloat?
what do you think stone cold about goons suggestions?

Trust me SC, knows what he is talking about! I too suggest you go with Enan. only your first cycle. You DEFINITELY don't want to go with prop. that stuff will blow you up quick, if you are looking to cut I would stay with the Enan. @ 400mgs./week and keep your diet in check, do a little cardio and you should be in good shape bro!;)
i always thought prop was better for cutting(i must be getting not very good info) but about fina i think it would be ok for a first cycle if you dont mind sticking yourself everyday, and it is leagle. myt first cycle was winstrol and anivar (anivar is the best if you have the money) and it was great,im a big guy and i ran it for 8 weeks with a clean diet and hard training and i was more that happy with the results. 50mg IP of winstrol for first 4 weeks raised it to 100mg and 20mg of anivar for the hole 8 weeks
as gym chic suggested, do cardio 4 times a week for 45 minutes. what would make it even better would be to add an ECA or NYC stack in there to help out.

try doing your cardio right when you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach. this should help mobalize fat better to be burned IMHO.

basketball is ok for fun, but DO NOT rely on that for your cardio.

test enanthate at 400mg week for 10 weeks would be a great cycle. to control bloat, toss in some liquidex (or a WHOLE lot better, liquaLetro). this will help keep the bloat off and slow estrogenic related fat deposits

a great place to get letro and liquidex is
GymChic said:
I agree with everyone, a first cycle should be Enanthate.

But, are you saying that in all cases, Enanthate is more suited to cutting than Propionate?

No definitely not in all cases, and it doesn't work the same on everyone either. Prop/Tren is a great cycle, but if he is only going to do a Test cycle I think it would be better to go with the Enan. Me personally, I hold more water on Prop. than Enan.