QV 50ml jug ENAN pain?


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Small update, I have lot # QVE-001
"Fecha de caducidad Abril 2004"

Looks like I got about 4cc for free :) I have 3cc in my rear end right now, warmed it up (used a pot, plastic bag with pusher inside), went in slowly (its through a 25g 1.5"), and I have no pain at all to report. Obviously tomorow things could change, but I fully would have expected pain on injection IF I am expecting a problem, I've never had big pain on injections but you can feel it if there is an issue and I have not a damn thing to report. Ttokkyo Sustanon (sust) had that minor pain on injection and I did not feel that AT ALL.

So far so good, can't wait to fuck shit up in the gym tomorow.
the worst pain i ever had in my life was from QV 250 QVE-004. stay away from that shit.
Looks like I got lucky then with 001, thank freaking god, but then again, its not tomorow yet...
Ok, next day I have barely a hint of stimulus. Only "special" prep was putting the pusher in a baggy and warming it up on the stove, this is Lot 001. I felt more a couple times from Ttokkyo Sustanon (sust) @ 1cc, got a bump that lasted about a week once from that.
The only thing I felt a little discomfort with was the QV Enan. 250 50ml., but it really wasn't that bad. I guess after using IP's crap, nothing can be that bad!!!!
I have QVE-003 and it kills...I'm runnin test only @ 1gram a week...shootin 4 times every monday...mixin b12 with test 1to1 ratio for quads and 1.5to1 b12 to test ratio for glutes...only minor pain
my bro ran qv-003 50mL test enanthate as well... i noticed a little soreness, but i got used to it after a week, myabe the BA reaction? well what worked for me was taking awamr shower and walking it off after.. also, sleep with sweat pants on at night, somebody recommended this on the site (forgot who) and it does help, but no pain