QV Eq.: Results at 400mg, 600mg, 800mg+

Tampa Tony said:
Can you run QV Eq200 buy itself at 400-600 mg p/week? Im taking that buy itself and its my first cycle and in 3 weeks now Ive gained 10lbs of muscle and strenght is increasing at a good rate

You are right that is pretty good.....Though he says he has not done that many cycles so i believe him....I wnated to get a feel at how well it works at 400mg. and beyond.....Most say it is great so i would guess it works well alone if you choose to go this route.....The addition of Test would defintely boost the gains.....
Thanks bros....Im going to add some Test eth 300mg p/week..Question? Ive read that EQ alone should cause and gyno related problems...now adding Test should I consider post therapy treatment or because at that low dose of Test I should be fine? What do you think
Well keep it simple....You should do Clomid at the end....Most likely you will have no problems and that is a great cycle.....I have done several and i like it not too much bloat but quality look to muscles so far.....To make sure you are functioning properly use Clomid two weeks after your last dose of Testosterone.....Something like this 100mg for 10 days and then 50mg. for 10 days and you could always go for one more week if you feel it is not working......Always keep some Nolvadex around just in case, unlikely, you should begin to develop Gyno....
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