Rookie need size


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Wuz up fellas heres my problem I've been working out for about 7 months and noticed some gains but I really want size so later on i could tone that muscle down and give it shape. Right now my routine is monday chest and triceps tues. back and biceps and wends. legs and shoulders and then i start all over on thursday and rest sunday.I work on a routine of set of 12,10,8,6 reps per excersise and i do 3-4 excersises per muscle. I am 6'1 at 215 any suggestions???? thanks
7 months?? geez bro. you can't complain with only 7 months. complain when you didn't gain from 7 i'd say pick a routine in the forum
this is my meal plan: Meal 1-oatmeal with whole wheat of peanut butter
#2-egg white omlette wit turkey bacon and potatoe
#3-chiken breast with veggies
#4-tunna sandwich
#5-either chicken or fish