running steroids


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i have asthma what kind of steroid can i take that will not mess with your breathing so i can run better without running out of breath and help me lose weight and become more vascular
do your research bro. I also have light asthma and have never had a problem. Drol or Eq might help but your are being to general.
because the cycle i am on test and tren i can not even get about 50feet and can not breath.
does winstrol post to help you run better???
i can not even have sex without almost having a asthma attack....

DAMN BRO... that sucks. Research about clenbuteral, it could possibly help your asthma
i was thinking of the same thing
i not joking about the sex thing because my girlfriend is always scared for me, i did find out that tren does get you winded more than when i am off of it i can not even do any cardio i could walk fast that is about it .....

do you think winstrol would help me in that area of more endurance so i do not have to breath so hard???