seizure advice


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Bros, i think i have a pack that has been seized, I guess i popped my cherry, well i just cleaned my house, what do you think about personal supply move it out, or does it help my case with saying i have a severe problem and need sauce, i also cleaned out all my list and coomputer emails, what is a good thing to say if i get a unexpected knock at the door, and it is a controlled delivery, ideas, expeiences and thoughts would help, thanks bros
Best thing is to just clean your house.

Chances are nobody will show at your door. If the pack was indeed seized all that will happen is you recieving a letter in the mail telling you so.

They give you the option of contesting it and claiming the property. Of course, you would have to be as retarded as mvmaxx to do this, so just consider the gear lost.

If your source is cool, he will meet you half way or re-ship with no charge.
Seizures are common. I wouldn't worry unless you had a very large quantity seized. If you had a pack seized you will most likely get a letter from customs asking if you would like to claim the gear as your property. Just throw away the letter and the other letters that follow. Keep in mind that you may not have a seizure because packages are taking MUCH longer due to the war.
It still may show up like wartime said because packs are taking much longer than normal, but if it was seized I don't think you have to worry about controlled deliveries at this time, there is too much other shit going on right now with the gov't to be worried about that!!!
Depends where you live. For someone to say that 150 zambons and 100 primos is fine without knowing where you live as well as tons of other info is kind of misleading . Remember, the controlled delivery done on me was for 200 zambons.

Im just curious, what makes you think it was seized? Because its taking longer then usual or something else?
its taking a very long time, usual is 5 days to my house, it been well over that and in customs since 23, was shipped on the 21, long time, what do you think biggie, i am north east, ct
I would at least give it another week before considering it seized. The war is really slowing down the mail. Even domestic mail is running slower than normal, at least for me and I am also on the east coast.
thanks fellos, let you all know how it turned out, although online it went from, status is updated ever night check again later, to it says now, items is being processed by customs, no more information is available at this time??