Sick as fuck, starting week 8 monday


lil g

well i just finished week 7 today and for the passed couple days i cant fucking eat. im hungry, i wanna eat but i cant. i think its the stomach flu or something i dunno..... well right now im on

Blue Diamond Labs EQ - 600mg/week weeks 1-13
Quality Vet Enanthate - 250mg/week weeks 1-13
Blue Diamond Labs Winstrol- 50mg/everyday weeks 8-13

i jump on the winstrol monday. ive lost alot of weight because of this . i dont know what to do....any advice plz help.
I have responded to other threads with similar complaints.

1st. it's not the juice causing it or you would have gotten sick much earlier into the cycle.

99% of the time if your feeling sick or unusually tired while on a cycle it is simply due to getting yourself into an over trained state.

My suggestion is stay on the juice, (you need it to help you recover), and lay off the training a few days. That means NO training, which includes no light training and no cardio.

Once you feel totally recovered, hit the training again but pay closer attention to your body and whether or not you are recovering sufficiently from your workouts.

Muscle growth takes place during the recovery proccess!
man, that fucking sux bro. I had a similar problem too. I was doing 500mg testo EW amd30mg d-bol ED and on day nr10 i got the "flu". Puked and couldnt eat, so i wretsted for 8 days and got better. Started taking d-bol again and just after another 1 week i got sick again. FU-K. So i skipped the d-bol which i assumed made me throw up. But after that i stack the needle in my nerve in my leg. Couldnt walk for 10 days, so fu-k this shit i thought. That was 3 signs i shouldnt use roids so i skipped it....that was 3 years ago soon.

Those winstrol you are taking are aa17 just like d-bol. It might be the case you cant handle aa17 just like me. Just a thought.
Anyway, hope it works out for you.
thanx for the replies guys... appreciate it for helping a sick juice head out