Skiba's Gym APF meet 1/13/2007


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This was Skiba's 1st meet. It was AAPF/APF. It was held at Carteret High School. There were appoximatly 40-50 competitors.

I ended up deciding to go down and support then I ended up competing. So I entered for the hell of it, bench only APF and competed RAW.

1st attempt: 385
2nd attempt: 405
3rd attempt: 425

Result: I went 3 for 3 and ended up 1st place with a 65 pound PR.

Shawn Lattimer handled me for this meet. Big thanks to him. Best handoff ever.

Zane McCaslin was the head judge. Sandy did all the annoucing.

All in all I think it went well. There were aot of young lifters as well as some very experienced lifters. Gene Rychlak made a guest appearence. I got an autographed picture, very cool.

Big thanks again to Shawn Lattimer and to Iron Assylum Gym. I was proud to bring us home yet another win.
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Great job rocco, wish i could have made it down, but i spent the day at work due to an emergency.
roccodart440 said:
Thanks guys.

JCP2 are you comming up for the meet tommorrow?

No, no one from Jersey was going, i did not want to make the 3 hour drive by myself. I will be competing most likely at Johns in march. Not sure what lifts, and not sure what gear. I will not be full gear most likely on anything. May do something like a squat in just briefs, either a raw bench, or a bench in a loose single and a pull. I won't be ready by then, but the meet is to raise money for johns mission to asia.
I'm confused about something, you say you hit a 65 lb PR but I know 425 is not a 65 lb pr for you. What am I missing?