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I was just curious if injecting in target muscle groups will have a specific effect on that muscle. eg..if I were to do bicep injects, would that have any direct effect on my bis?
It's been debated to death.
Many feel that tne and Winstrol (winny) will show a little bit of site specific growth.

In speaking with a very knowledgable trainer about my bicep growth woes, he of course told me that body weight was the answer...but he went on to tell me to inject my biceps even though the debate rages, it damn sure won't make them smaller by injecting there. lol

IGF will help a little..specifically the non LR3 version that is almost impossible to find now. lol

Most will tell you that it does nothing and some will swear that it made a difference. I do believe that tne will help just a little bit.
it will give you temporary growth because of the swelling that will happen when you inject there... i used to inject Sustanon (sust) with a 23g pin into my bi's and i LOVED it... and i just recently started shooting tri's and it's even better than bi's!
I've been injecting into by bi's for the first time and I swear they are getting bigger faster than the rest of me. It could very well be all in my head.
i had to start shooting in both of my mid delts, because i would would totaly lopsided even in a t-shirt
tee said:
If site injections worked, most BBers would have really big asses. :D
This is the argument that's always used. There's studies that show how different muscle groups absorb and dispurse IM injections. Glutes seem to give a longer release time while smaller muscle groups have much quicker times. I for one believe that site growth is possible with non-ester compounds and any traditionally oral compound used as an injectable. On a personal note: a couple weeks ago I finished a cycle with a 2 week stint with injectable dbol and my lateral delts have never looked better. I'm on post cycle therapy (pct) right now and there's been no decrease in size.
most of the guys I know swear by site injections. I guess it would be pretty easy to actually substantiate if someone wanted to. Do your stuff in your regular sites for a few weeks, measure biceps, and then spend 6-8 weeks doing non esterfied versions in the biceps and measure. I guess it would be easier for the guys that never come off. I would assume most would be temporary swelling, but you could measure and gauge how much is lost once the site inj are discontinued.
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Jimmykick said:
not to be a dick but who cares? is the swelling that substantial? No

I agree with that. The advantages are small if any. It's not worth it in my book.
Jimmykick said:
not to be a dick but who cares? is the swelling that substantial? No
Actually I would think the swelling would tend to be pretty substantial given that its a small muscle and non esterfied gear would require daily inj. Maybe to some a small increase of a half inch wouldnt be substantial enough to warrant it, but there seems to be alot of interest in spot inj if you glance over the posts so I would assume there is substantial interest. 1/2 inch in pure bicep muscle growth would be pretty impressive to most somewhat advanced trainers.
substantial interest in a temporary swelling of a bicep? maybe for a single guy heading out to the club with his little brother's t-shirt on. Maybe he can inject his biceps with deca and get noticed.

Come on