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hi guys im new here and just wanted some next cycle is coming up and im just interested in gaining strength.ive been training for about 10 years done quite a few cycles about 25%. max squat 220k raw.max bench200k raw.max deadlift220 raw.previous cycles just been mainly test and deca.for my upcoming cycle ive got some tren.going run it for 8 to 12 weeks.ive never run tren before.was thinking about 800mg a week.what kind of strength gains should i see?
thanks in advance for any advise.
tren is a great strength drug, and on its own you will gain a lot of strength, and likely not a huge amount of mass, but the odds are it will shut you down hard, and leave you with no sex drive. Personally I would add maybe 200mg a week of test along with it for that reason
really.think i might give it a go.what dose would you recommend?
also what else would any of you reccomend adding to my cycle to increase strength?
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how high of dosages had you gone w the test and decca in the past? Just so i can get an idea to how experienced your body is to this stuff.
holy shit 4grams?? that's crazy dosages if you don't compete... dont run tren on it's own... if you're lookin to do a big cycle again i would get some test cyp or enanthate and run like 2grams a week or somehting with 800-1gram of tren a week... you will explode from the tren it is a VERY good strength drug like needsize said..
If you've never run tren try starting at 350mg EW if your running tren enathate. Tren is a funny drug and you want to start slow with it.
it will be tren a i will be running.i dont compete but im looking at getting into strongman so any advice towards increasing strength is much appreciated.thanks