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Hi guys, i made some homebrew a couple of weeks ago 250mg test E + 250mg tren E in grapeseed oil 2%ba 15%bb. Everything looked fine but when i used it my delt became hard and swollen a couple of days later and my arm is red down to my elbow (looks and feels like sunburn) any ideas???
Please describe the process that you used.

Also, just a recommendation:

Next time, brew them seperately. You can always mix them together in the syringe.
Hi,i mixed the ba and bb with the tren, then added the oil, heated it untill it was clear then added the test heated again, then filtered and bottled
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You should be fine, I get the same thing when I inject delts with prop or tren. Try hitting the front delt or rear delt if you can reach. When I hit the delt directly I'll have a big red blotch for a few days that will be hot along with a giant hard lump, it eventually goes away after a few days.
yeh it seems to be going down now but its been six days, its just strange cause ive never had it with "legit" gear before. Might try to brew them seperatly and see if they do the same
How many ml's did you inject? It might be a matter of inj volume at that concentration. For example; 1g of any Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) in one site is going to be uncomfortable.
for me tren e at 250mg/ml has got some bite by itselfwith the test e you got 500mg/ml test e alone at 500mg/ml cripples me