sus and fina


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i currently have 20 shots of sus250 and 30 shots of finiplix... im taking 500mg of sus a week ... i was told to stack it with the fini everyday ...this sounds to like too much ... i have done some research and have been thinking it might be better to do the cycle of sus first to bulk up then do the fini....any help or suggestions would be appreciated
fina is great and so is this your 1st cycle? need more input on your history with can do the fina with Sustanon (sust) at 100mg EOD or some will say 75mg ED, it's a matter of opinion and what works best for you...
then I would leave the fina out if this is your 1st, very harsh on the kidneys and no need to put yourself through it...take the Sustanon (sust) at 500mg a weeks since you have 20 of them and you will have some nice gains, but keep in mind that you also want to make sure you have your diet, training and rest in check, good luck and welcome aboard....and save the fina for a later cycle
ya thats what i was thinking thanks... my diet and training are both pretty solid ..... still tinkering with the proper amount of protien
protein should be around 1.25-1.50 per pound of some searching on it here, plenty of good info.
cool cool ... its kinda difficult though being lactose intolerant ....most of the protiens leave me running for the crapper
and if you dont feel any gains yet, do not be discouraged, it will be the end of the second week or third week before the sus kicks in...i would have done a single ester for my first if i were to sart frewsh...but you have hit it already...also, most stack dbol with it from 25 to 40mgs a day dependent on cycle frequency etc...but i am not advocate you using it for a first cycle by no means...also, you can save you liver with milk thistle and the like, also drink a ton of water, not only will it keep some bloat off, you will flush your stsem good also...and you do have nolva or proviron on hand just in case correct/ and the proper after care gear correct?