Sust killed my sex drive! What to do?


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Well I thought that I was imagening things the other day but it has been 10 days now and I have seen no improvement. I am taking Sustanon 250,500,500,500,250,250 (mg's per week). I am also taking winstrol at 40 mg per day. I was told that this would probably take care of any problems with my sex drive. Actually the sex drive is there, it is just a little problem performing. This is a VERY big stress for me and If I don't figure something out I am going to have to scrape the Sustanon (sust). I have access to a good bit of stuff so any advice would be great. I have read about taking test and dbol. it seems that a lot of people say 10 mg dbol in the morning will help.

Again any help will be greatly appreciated!
DONT BOUNCE THE DOSE AROUND, there is no reason too. When your estrogen levels start to come up your going to be high estrogen one week, decent test another. Front loading is one thing, dont yo-yo your doses though.

By the 3rd to 4th week you should start to feel it for sure, if its not bunk.
Test and winstrol should not be a problem.....has the opposite effect for most people.
Anyway, viagra or cialis renders this a non-issue.
sust made me hornier than any else I have ever done @ only 500mg/week.that is odd that you find the opposite (at least in function anyway)

never heard of test killing a sex drive..

if you have trouble getting viagra by perscrip..

get some liquid viagra or liq wonders
circulation could be key as well to your libido. are you taking any cutting drugs or stimulants? ephedrine, norepinephrine and such can cut circulation off in some extremeties as well as your penis.

obviously many of you know the true metabolic pathway of viagra is just increased blood flow to the penis.

just curious because Winstrol (winny) helps bind more test in your androgenic receptors thus allowing more free flowing test.

so the combo of the two in theory should be a lot better than test alone.

and im sure we've all done a nice test only cycle before..WHEW...makes you think unspeakable thoughts on even the lowliest of girls walking by LOL
for me at first SUS killed my sex drive, I just wasn't horny. Seemed to go away after about 8 weeks, I also upped the dosage to 750MG a week.
I had the same problem but half way through the cycle things turned around or should I say, "turned up!"

give it more time, bro.
i lost some drive at the beginning but its all good now.. going strong now. dont focus on it and the stress wont be there and if you dont focus on it, it wont be that way any more. alot of it is mental and if you tell yourself you cant get it going it wont go.
Horny Goat Weed, MACA, Avena Sativa all together and you wont be able to get it down. peace man.
I'm guessing that it has a lot to do with test/estrogen ratios. Either too much OR TOO LITTLE estrogen can kill your sex drive.
DTOX said:
I'm guessing that it has a lot to do with test/estrogen ratios. Either too much OR TOO LITTLE estrogen can kill your sex drive.

I agree that too little test will kill your sex drive. That is why femara is the most potent sex drive killer I have ever tried. But I wonder whether too much estrogen really has the same effect. I have run 1g test without any anti-e and my sex drive was off the charts. Now, obviously there may be other good reasons for not letting your estrogen levels get out of hand (like prevention of gyno, although I don't have that problem either), but if libido is all you are concerned about, estrogen only seems to be an issue when there is too little of it. The only qualification I would give is that this is only true when using exogenous test. If you are relying on your body's natural production, high estrogen will kill your sex drive because it will inhibit test production.