switching from Sustanon (sust) to enanthate mid cycle?

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switching from sust to enanthate mid cycle?

what would happen if i was to switch to qv enanthate after 21 days of of sust at 500 mg's a week? i am starting to see some results from the sust and would hate to have to wait all over again for the enan to kick in.... any input?
There is another thread on the same subject by JohhnyBlaze, check it out. It is called simply "switching".

It is a good idea, if only becauses sust tapers out much more slowly. When it comes time to end your cycle, you want the steriods to drop from relatively high levels to zero as fast as possible.
Switching is good but not after 2 or 3 weeks. Run sust for 6 weeks, and overlap your sust and enthanate. So that means, about 3 weeks before you are done with your Sustanon (sust), hit some low dosages of enthanate. I would shoot 250 mg enthanate for weeks 1 and 2. Then on week 3, shoot 500mg and keep it going for atleast another 6 weeks but preferably another 8 weeks. In total you would be doing 6 weeks sust and 10 weeks enthanate. Just make sure that you get a lot out of each chemical. So don't stop sust after 3 weeks. Keep going for 3 more. You'll thank me.
Bro they are the same chemical. Test is test is test is test is test. The only difference is the ester attached to it.

You can switch not, after 6 weeks, whatever. You don't want to wait too late in the cycle.