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Hi, I'm a guy at 1.83 and 110 kg (230 pd)
I'm gonna do a T3 cyckle, and I wonder what can I expect of it??
I would like to whigt 85 kg (170 pd) after the cyckle!
can this be done??

Most prefer to use T3 while on a gear cycle, because its not really selective of what tissue dissapears off the body.

If you are off a gear cycle I'd probably suggest not going over 25mcg a day. It has a 10 hour half life, so I have been splitting my daily into two doses.
T3 is powerful stuff, but you want to lose 60 lbs. in one cycle? How many years is this cycle going to last?
Hey John414

It's going to take at the very very least 3 months to lose 60pounds (and even that is really really pushing it)

Do a small 4 week cycle of T3, make sure your diet is good and kick up the cardio, after that follow up with some ECA and maybe clen!

At the end of the day it's the diet and cardio that are going to kick the fat off of you!

P.S you don't want to lose 60 to fast or your going to have meat curtains everywhere!
Dude, thats going to be hell on your heart, be realistic. You are trying to become a statistic.

If you were 400 pounds going to 340, that is somethin else entirely.
Yea maybe not to 85 kg, but how much can I lose if take care of the diet and cardio to a 110%, and I know its very individual but in generally how much fat can I lose at:

V1 25mcg /day
V2 50mcg / day
V3 50mcg / day
V4 50mcg / day
V5 25mcg / day
V6 25mcg / day
V7 12,5mcg /day
V8 12,5mcg /day

Man I have almost done it al and I just standing still now, and I need some drastic result very bad now.

the only way you will know is run it and see what your end results are bro. everyone is different.

train hard, eat right and do your cardio and see what happens
What’s up Bro, be careful with The T3.
I know you take care of your diet and that, but you know.

Good luck on your transform!:40oz:

See you soon bro, we got to take that gym pass again Aigt!

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Take care Bro//Molosser:p

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