test cypionate vs. enthanate


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any difference??
if im gonna do test/dbol, what do you suggest. previously i was told 500mg/wk, is that alot? would 250mg/week not be enough? this is my first cycle, im Not a big guy, 160lbs 5'8''
and should i run dbol @ 25mg or 30mg? i have nolvadex, i was told to use it 20mg eod, so would 30mg dbol be ok? i also have clomid for post cycle. could i run the test for 8 weeks? and dbol for 6? let me know...
Cyp or enanth are both ok, I would use the cheaper.
500 mg/week sounds good (250mg is very little). Run it 8 weeks, ok.
D-bol: everybody her will tellyou just use test alone. I would use even d-bol 25mg/day weeks 1-4. Not more, and using some liver protection (Iuse l-acetylcisteine, but milk thistle or anyone is ok).
I would keep nolva on hand for gyno problems, but I would not run it like you said.
Maybe use it after cycle for recovery.
Have fun!
you can have the same gains without d-bol if you only run test for 8-10 weeks @ 500mg

i wouldnt use d-bol.
1st I dont like it.
2nd I think you should run test alone and see how you react on it. Differernt ppl react differently. Use it in your second cycle instead
Schulte-Beerbuhl, M. and Nieschlag, E.:

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More subtle changes in side-chain ester structure have proven ineffective in altering human clinical pharmacokinetics, because substitution of a linear aliphatic side-chain of seven carbons (enanthate) with either a saturated, cyclized, seven-carbon aliphatic chain (cyclohexanecarboxylate) (Schurmeyer and Nieschlag, 1984) or a linear, aliphatic, eight-carbon chain (cypionate) (Schulte-Beerbuhl and Nieschlag, 1980) resulted in virtually unchanged kinetics...