Test life span?

Zip Man

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Yes, my uncle gave me some test inject (fast acting) 10 ml on Tuesday, July 8, 2003..

My question is I want to get strong as possible before I start my cycle.

How long can I keep this test before it starts to lose it's potency.

I know it's not like wine the longer it sits the better it is later.

Can I start using it in 9 weeks from now? He left going back home which is 4000 miles ways, I'm telling you this because I know you are saying why not wait until 9 weeks. It was free and I'm don't want to use it yet?


Zip Man
Most vials will have an expiry date on the label..........but even it it expired tomorrow, it would still be OK in 9 weeks. So basically you have nothing to worry about.
Prop or susp? because if its either of those 10ml aint going to be enough for any cycle.