Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) blood work back is t too hi?


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trt blood work back is t too hi?

blood work back on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) w/ dr. for 2 yrs. .35 mgs prop eod
test 1245 range 241-827
free 50.1 range 8.7-25.1
estradial 88 range 0-53

hematcrit 50.6 range 36-50 high?
also monocytes (absolute) are 1.1 range .01-1.00 been high for 6 months?
yes nipps are sore and puffy. what do i do ? will talk to dr. also fri..thx
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Yes, you need anti-estrogen and you need to probably donate blood, which I do 3x a year. Otherwise you are good!