Thai Androlics


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Has anybody used these drols? The only other drols I have tried were ttokkyo and I didn't gain shit. Also, how should they come packaged as well as the look of the actual tab. I was thinking they were the drols in the bag, but now I am thinking those are anapolans and not the green giants.
The new androlics are very good. They are green, hexagon shaped, and have a snake inprint on them. I still like the anapolon's better though.
Sounds good to me.:D
Im gonna throw them in my next bulking stack.

ready2explode said:
I think someone just posted a lab result from there (on this board actually) 48 mgs....good enough for me :D
Yes it´s Anadrol 50 British Dispensary!


Then the lab test:
Thanks, exactly what I needed. As far as drol goes, since the tt drols didn't work for me is it possible I am a non-responder? I have heard of this with drol before. Perhaps due to it's weak ability to bind with the AR, and maybe my body has fewer Ars?